If beauty and the vastness of nature is what you seek, the Golden Gate Vulture Restaurant, located in the Oribi
  “Kgotso” we greet you in peace   Basotho Cultural Village The Basotho Cultural Village is a living museum situated
  LIONSROCK provides an appropriate, lifelong home for big cats that were kept in inadequate conditions in zoos, circuses or
  A short distance from the village of Clarens is the Ash River Outfall.  The word ‘outfall’ refers to water
Sterkfontein Dam. If you're driving from Clarens to Durban it really is worthwhile taking the R74 past Sterkfontein Dam and
If you have an interest in cultural matters, or even if you just want to go on an outing, I
  Between Fouriesburg and Clarens you will see a sign that says Queen Victoria and something about 4x4 trails. If
One of the most beautiful stretches of road in South Africa, the drive between Clarens and Fouriesburg is filled with
The original mountain pass road between Clarens and Lesotho, now in a state of serious disrepair, usable on horse or


Self-drive routes – An introduction

Clarens to Afriski (Lesotho)

Basotho Cultural Village

Clarens to Vulture Restaurant: Golden Gate National Park

Ash river outfall

Lunch at The Green Goose

Clarens to Katse Dam (Lesotho)

Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary

Clarens to Fouriesburg

Clarens to Fouriesburg – The Caledon Loop


Clarens Guide
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