Situated just east of the central regions of South Africa, Clarens is well placed as a stopover on many of our long distance travel routes.  A mere two and half hours  from Joburg, Bloemfonten and the the Natal midlands, Clarens is has become a weekend destination of choice.  With many of the overseas tour operators passing through the area now, Clarens is also becoming one of South Africa’s hot destinations in the overseas market.  Overseas tourists on self drive tours around our country are increasingly seeking a night or two in the area and, with southern Africa’s Mountain Kingdom, Lesotho, right on our doorstep, the scope to drive, explore and experience what’s on offer in the area is almost without limit.
Clarens News is developing a website portfolio of Self Drive Routes in the area.  A new route will be introduced each week, with a small map of the route, a photo and information about the route, featuring any interesting bits and pieces about history, natural features, culture, interesting characters, guest facilities or activities on offer, and so on.
The Eastern Free State Highlands, quite apart from its spectacular natural beauty, has a host of interesting features.  The sandstone buildings are one of its hallmarks, and a number of historically significant sandstone structures dot our towns and landscapes, and are well worth visiting.  Our mountain ranges, and there are three of them forming a virtual triangle of the whole area, shelter fascinating valleys and afford views that rate amongst the most photographed scenery in the central parts of the country.  While the area has a fair rainfall in the summer months, and occasional snow in the winter months, for the most part you will be able to take advantage of big blue skies and dry weather, making this an ideal area for outdoor pursuits, for both adrenalin junkies and the more laid back.
When driving around the routes of the Eastern Free State Highlands it is important that one remembers to take the normal safety precautions relevant to our country.  While the area is reputedly friendly and safe with few incidents reported, local and current advice is invaluable and shouldn’t be dismissed.  Of course, being largely a rural and mountainous area, cell phone signals are sometimes unreliable.  Travellers venturing around our countryside should ensure that there is someone who is aware of the route planned and the intended time frame of the outing.
So we invite you, over the next few months of this new year, to check out our Self Drive Routes Portfolio on the website, and to pick up a route that interests you, take yourself out on a little excursion, and discover the things that you might have missed before, or discover places completely new to you.



Mary Walker Clarens NewsArticle and research by Mary Walker

Clarens News: January 2014



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