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This little village in the mountains of the Eastern Free State, on the edge of the Golden Gate National Park looking down over the Drakensburg (probably the most breath taking mountains of South Africa) is the beginning of a great adventure into tranquility. The ideas of adventure and tranquility don’t always go together, but here in the rustig heart of Free State calm and hospitality, you will find Activities to thrill your heart from horse riding and hiking to white water rafting and even abseiling.

After a full day of adrenaline (or instead of one…) the Restaurants and shops are their own treasures In Clarens boerekos and high cuisine rub shoulders with pubs and bistros, Italian, German and Portuguese. The Delis  are full of local treats and surprises, Art galleries, bookshops, hand crafts and leather workers create unique must haves, and the locals are always happy to engage and share a moment of their time with visitors who are treated as guests.

The mountains around the village are part of the Clarens Village Conservancy, and are protected by locally employed Rangers who help preserve the natural beauty of the area, clearing MTB and Hiking paths, and most importantly, maintaining the indigenous nature of the area. The Conservancy dam is a much loved swimming spot among locals when the summer heat bakes the sandstone, and it’s the perfect way to cool down after a long hike through kloofs and caves up to the top the world.

The surrounding geology shows millions of years of the earth’s timeline in its layers and colors, bands of sandstone and basalt sandwiching the red mud of ancient seas and dinosaur fossils, and the rock art of the first men are all in abundance in the cliffs and caves of Clarens

Feel free, no, welcome to explore the village here on the web, and we look forward to seeing you one day soon, in person.


History Art & Writing


Beyond the village there is a wealth of history and adventure in the mountains around and the Golden Gate Park just down the road.

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The News part contains archives and history as well as interesting stories and experiences that can be enjoyed in the surrounding mountains and places of interest

Clarens Village Conservancy


Clarens has a strong local involvement with the Kgubetswana township and various social initiatives help keep the area pristine and beautiful


To get involved please register as a user and list your own business, or email the for more on how you can improve your visit, or your business in Clarens



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