Clarens Village Conservancy Fun Run

We are all missing the ParkRun experience in Clarens, no one more than the CVC who have built all these beautiful trails and routes to enjoy and explore. In fact, they’ve been missing it so much that they have decided to host the CVC Fun Run on the same route! Entirely at your own pace whether you are an olympic sprinter or a chilled out dog walker along for a morning stroll before stopping off at Bibliophile for the Clarens Country Market.

The first one was held last Saturday the 31st of October, so the CVC was filled with creatures and everyone had a great time.

See you there every Saturday at 8pm!

The Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC) was established in May 2004. It contains of a group of individuals, homeowners and businesses who get together because they are concerned about the state of their environment and wish to enhance and monitor it. The CVC is registered with the Department of Environmental affairs and is registered as a Non Profit Organization with the Department of Social Development.

Some activities of the Clarens Village Conservancy include: Cutting and maintenance of the hiking trails; Environmental education within the local schools, churches, and youthgroups; Removal of rubbish from the big yellow bins as well as picking up litter around the town; Collecting recyclables from businesses; Separation of recyclables at the recycling shed; Removing snares and reporting on other signs of poaching in the nature reserve; Stopping and reporting on illegal wood cutting and harvesting of indigenous plants in the nature reserve and replanting indigenous plants.

We employ 3 full time Rangers who are in the field everyday carrying out the duties of removal of snares, guarding against illegal faunal harvesting, conducting environmental education at the schools and promoting recycling amongst many other things. They have also been fully trained in CPR and first aid. The CVC is continuously looking for new members and volunteers.

If you would like to join us in our efforts to conserve the beauty of Clarens visit: http://www.clarensvillageconservancy.org/

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