Nnete Foundation Visit

The Nnete Foundation is a non-profit organisation located in the #Kgubetswana Township of Clarens, with the primary aim of using teaching as a tool for empowerment. The Foundation has two main programs, namely Nnete Education and the Teacher Training Center, and exists to break the poverty cycle through education.

Nnete Ed Center

The Center was formally launched in January 2016 and is led by Rakgalakane Mofokeng and other volunteers. It is located at the #Nnete Foundations’ building which provide a clean and comfortable place with an access to computers, textbooks and the internet. There are now 20 learners who are benefitting from the facilities of the Center which include after school tutoring with help of volunteering students from higher institutions of learning and teachers from surrounding schools.

They also provide them with previous question papers and revision notes through WhatsApp groups. Life skills training is provided to ensure that the learners are equipped with skills that will assist them in their future learning as well as careers. Mentoring sessions are provided to assist the learners to choose a career that matches their ability and passion.

There exists a gap between high school and tertiary education

Learners have limited resources in terms of textbooks or having access to the internet and as a result are forced to sometimes share textbooks, which is not a conducive way of learning.
The Foundation has tried to fill this gap by providing all the necessary resources that will make learning and teaching more accessible. With all these efforts, the foundation was last year able to send 5 learners to different higher learning institutions where they are furthering their studies in hopes of achieving their dreams and goals.

The Experience

Our visit to the centre was an exciting experience. We got to meet Gareth Oosthuyzen who was very welcoming as well as the learners who are part of the foundation. Gareth explained in detail what it is that the foundation
does and what their hopes and dreams are as a foundation which include expanding and getting more people involved with the project. The
learners are also dedicated and are at the Center every afternoon after school.

#Clarens_News_Interns will also be working at the Center with the learners once a week, sharing the skills and knowledge that we have so that they can use them as well, in the present or even in their future endeavors. We’re excited to be a part of something this great and looking forward to working with them.

For more information on the Nnete Foundation, visit their Facebook page
https://web.facebook.com/pg/NneteFoundation or send an email to nnetefoundation@gmail.com.

You can also phone Gareth on 0823393619

The foundation also donates wood and maize every second week to families in Kgubetswana, the public is also welcome to donate.

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