Ornithological Update (CLARENS NEWS:  8th August 2012) Since last week’s publication the editor of this magazine has been inundated with requests from local farmers for more information with regards Woody’s prosthetic replacement. It is with everlasting regret that we must retract the previous article as an ill-conceived hoax, and extend a sincere apology to the Cluny Trust and Kat Barker for any inconvenience it may have caused. We would also like to report that Woody is doing very well and will continue to feature as an ongoing recipient of this magazine’s care and best wishes. Ornithological Update  (CLARENS NEWS:  2nd August 2012) Clarens News (21 July 2012) reported that a very cute but demented woodpecker had bent its beak trying to bore a hole into the new MTN mast on the square.    Hundreds of letters and emails of concern followed, expressing concern about this concussed visitor to our treetops.    Clarens News can report that local veterinary hero, Cat Barker, has fitted a prosthetic beak to ‘Woody’ and that he is back trying to burrow his way into the  local network.    Stay connected for further news on this heart-warming tale, and send donations to the Cluny Animal Trust to cover the cost of Woody’s titanium pecker.

Author: Clarens Guide