Ornithological News Flash:  Woody Takes a Mate!(CLARENS NEWS: 24th August 2012) For those of you who have been following the heart-warming tale of Woody the eccentric woodpecker, you will be delighted to hear that he has found a mate (apparently on the dating service provided by local meeting place, Friends).    Woody and Doris (yes, really) have set up home in the luxuriant foliage of the town’s splendid Cellicia Emteenus Africanus tree.   This is entirely fitting, since it was Woody’s misguided assault on the steely bark of this landmark tree that first brought him to the attention of Clarens bird-fanciers.   His replacement titanium beak is working well, and he has managed to make a 1mm indentation in the trunk of his new home.   Judging from the chirps of contentment emanating from the highest branches, he and Doris are more than a little turned on by the 8000watt red light that now casts a romantic glow over our nocturnal activities.

Author: Clarens Guide