Clarens Flora and Fauna (CLARENS NEWS:  19th July, 2012) Clarens residents with a leaning to the botanic side of life will have noticed a new addition to the town’s tree population.   A fine specimen of the genus Cellicia Emteenus Africana has spread its luxuriant branches over the town’s 5-star public ablutions, rising high into our big sky and almost dwarfing its sandstone container, opposite the Bibliophile.   This tree is well-suited to the dry Eastern Free State, as its water needs are minimal.   Bird-fanciers will be delighted to see that this splendid addition to the town’s green belt has already attracted the attention of a rather persistent woodpecker, whose now somewhat truncated beak confirms that the Cellicia Emteenus Africana is indeed a seriously hard wood.

Author: Clarens Guide