(Photograph:  Clarens Fishing)

A subject seldom touched on (but featured in the WildFly Fishing Series on Supersport) is the excellent trout fishing to be had in the Ash river just below the Ash River Outfall.   It seems that trout in our local rivers has become a bit of an environmental hot potato, with purists arguing that they do not belong in our rivers where they impact on the local indigenous fish population, and pragmatists that argue that the benefits of having trout in our rivers far outweighs the damage that these fish may cause.   Whatever your beliefs, the fact remains that we have a thriving trout population in the Ash river which provides almost perfect conditions for trout – and these fish are not only thriving, but also breeding in the river.   So much so, that the Ash river is now considered by many to provide the best trout fishing in South Africa, and Clarens is attracting fly-fishing enthusiasts from far and wide.
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