Okay, okay.  So there was no snow last week and the Big Blue overhead suggests that it may be somewhere ahead.  Maybe next year.  Simple proof that your correspondent is far from fool-proof, albeit well-intentioned.

Nothing to report on the ornithological front either, unless you count the positively fecund activities of the doves which soil my gutters.  Cute in its own way, this reproductive activity coincides with the greening of the Willows and the proliferation of buds on every tree I seem to have.  Must mean spring is imminent, which makes a mockery of my predictions of snow.  Or does it?  15,000 shepherds in Lesotho can’t all be wrong.

So to the forthcoming Spring Art Festival in our sleepy village, an event that may over time grow to be a serious date on the national calendar.  For now, the village’s artists are wrestling with venues, programmes and openings, all calculated to fill Clarens with art buyers, critics and aspirant artists.  So, fingers crossed, we look forward to a surge in our weekend visitors, sustained through the week and into the following weekend.  May they buy freely and with thick wads of folding stuff (which used to be known as ‘stiff notes of corruption’ until our Government made this description somewhat ironic).

However, all this emphasis on visitors raises the question of local interest and participation: Notwithstanding the valiant efforts of our Clarens Art Guild, now showing in the Protea Hotel, when did you last see a local in any gallery in the village – unless they were buying wine, of course.  This is a serious question.  We have over 20 well-signposted galleries and studios in Clarens, but I’ll wager that few locals could name more than three, and probably haven’t crossed their thresholds since the old King died.

So come-on Clarens, you have filled the Phatt Chef and 278 on Main pretty much every Monday and Wednesday night since Simon and Sue initiated their contribution to social intercourse in the village.  What about taking a trip to see what your local artists have been doing?  You don’t even have to buy (although that’s a nice prospect) but give your creative juices a stir with a little ramble amongst the galleries.  There are probably about 3000 paintings, drawings and sculptures on show, together with artists plying their craft to the delicious background rumbling of old jazz, so there has got to be something of interest – even if it is only a glass of wine.
See you there.
The Twitcher

Author: Clarens Guide