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Clarens has a variety of mountain biking trails.  The trick of course is to know where to go.

Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Some of the hiking trails in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve are ideal for mountain biking.   Leucosidea, Scilla Walk, and Mountain View are highly recommended, whilst The Porcupine Trail provides an interesting challenge for more experienced bikers.   The Caracul Contour Cycle route is a new route, which was built for the Ashburton 2015 cycle series, an  event which attracted 2200 entrants – many of whom had travelled from Europe – and comments ranged from “this is the best in the world” to “fabulous route, fantastic scenery…it simply couldn’t be better.”

Mountain bikers do however require a permit.   Permits are available from Clarens Xtreme.

Clarens Xtreme
Clarens Xtreme negotiated with some of the farmers and conservancies around town to give them access to the most amazing mountain biking area most probably in the country. “To start getting access to these amazing farm lands needed some persuasion and what better than to support our farmers on their security/budget. To give you an idea the farming community spends R35 000 per month on their security which in turn also makes our village a safer place. So we are sorry to say that most of our trails require a trail fee, but believe me it is worth it. For the stingy ones who don’t want to support our farmers don’t worry we have some free trails available but maps cost R20. All trail permits and maps are available at our Clarens Xtreme base from 09h00 – 17h00. All our trails start from the Clarens Xtreme base where it is safe to leave your vehicle while you go out riding. For those on holiday in Clarens looking for cycling buddies make contact with Ollie@ 0825636242 so he can get you connected with fellow cyclists.
Trails include the following:
Village Loop 11km – 25Km: As the name says it is a loop that goes in and around our village ranging from village dirt road, single track some sand stone ridges and lekker technical down hills. Don’t let the distance fool you if you are tuff do it twice. The trail has been featured in the Tread magazine. Definitely the best to ride if you don’t have time or if you are in the mood for a short technical ride.
Game farm 30km: One of our free trails which means no trail markings, and of course a lot of gravel farm roads. This trail is a definite must do, it goes into Rebellie game farm which is amazing. And of course don’t forget to get to the game farm in the top corner of a mountain means a lot of up-hills.
BlouKruin 46km: So far this is our flagship route. The route is made up of mostly  steep track, and a bit of farm road.   This trail will take you over 6 farms with more than 800m of climb and descent. Make sure you got your trail tag with you or the farmers will get you locked up for trespassing. Amazing views,
Toekka 40km: One of our free trails which means no trail markings, and of course a lot of gravel farm roads. This road is ideal if you want to get time in the saddle without any technical riding. This loop can be extended and one can do almost a 100km of gravel road. when you buy the map just ask us for the info on the extension.     Contact details


Bergwoning/Di Bus Stop
7 & 18k Intermediate to Difficult Trail.   For more information on the trails visit  MTBroutes.co.za
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30km circular: difficult to extreme for more information go to MTBRoutes website
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Rebellie Game Farm
The 6 km winding dirt road that leads to Rebellie from the turnoff, is ideal for mountain biking. Furthermore the rugged 4 x 4 trails promise to be very challenging for the fitness of the rider. Cycling on the tarmac road towards either Clarens or Golden Gate, promises excellent scenery in the serene mountain landscape.
Mountain bikers are welcome to cycle on the farm, but there is a small fee for day visitors.
30km circuit route (moderate to difficult) for more information go to the MTBRoutes website
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Golden Gate Highlands National Park

50km – varies.  Cycle from Clarens and then take the Blesbok and Oribi routes. Tar all the way. For more information go to the MTBRoutes website

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