As many people know, there was a meeting held a week ago at the Martie Lotz Hall in Clarens. It was called by a PR company by the name of SLR to explain how they intend helping Rhino Oil and Gas to greenwash their fracking intentions.

Specifically, their job is to help with passing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) recommendation on the exploration of large parts of the Drakensberg, Golden Gate area and more of the Eastern Free State, to try to find oil or gas.

Because they work for the oil company, paid for, it is highly likely that they will find in favour of their employer. Of course they think oil mining is a good idea!

Down the line, if they find what they are looking for, they will take it by law because they have ticked all the boxes in making their application and having “public participation” meetings. As they explain, this is a purely legal requirement, and the views of the people who participated (or who happen to own the land where anything might be found)are fairly irrelevant… Oil mining and fracking come first for these people.

This is Part 1, introduction to the meeting, and early objections based on lack of representation by stakeholders including government departments…

Author: Craig Walters

Editor and explorer of all the News that's fit to print!