8 April 2014


DAN PATLANSKY – Dear Silence Thieves


Never far from likeminded genius, guitarist, singer/songwriter and globally respected

purveyor of the blues, Dan Patlansky sidles into his second successive decade as one of the

world’s finest blues-based storytellers of his generation.

Come May 2014, 10 more reasons to love all things Patlansky will be made available for mass

consumption. That’s when Dan’s, Theo Crous-produced new electric album Dear Silence Thieves will

add gravitas and substance to the iTunes store and the world of blues at large.

As his seventh release in a little over a decade, all ten of Dan’s new album’s original, electrically

charged and blues-infused chapter further reinforces just why he enjoyed an invite from the likes of

Bruce Springsteen to open his High Hopes show in Johannesburg this past February. Or, after having

played at the Horstens Blues Festival in Denmark last year, Patlansky received a summons to headline

the November 2014 event.

Between European tours with the likes of Everlast in 2013 Dear Silence Thieves has enjoyed a

convincing series of rehearsals before the day the LA-based Lurssen Masterering masterpiece hits

with a raw ability and exceptionally rare modern-day blues integrity.

Ever since his debut album, Standing At The Station, followed by his 2004 major label (Blue Note,

EMI produced) masterstroke True Blues, Dan Patlansky has been immersing himself in the rich and

rollicking world of blues rock music. In February 2005, and again in July 2006, Selwyn Miller the New

Orleans based manager of David Gates, Bread, Randy Crawford and Petula Clark (amongst others)

took Patlansky to New Orleans to showcase his outstanding talent.

In 2006 Fender acknowledged his talent with a guitar and amp endorsement, making him only one

of six on the continent to enjoy such a privilege.

As Dan settled into his groove, what followed was a barrage of brilliantly executed eclectic and

acoustic blues albums. 2006 brought with Real, Move My Soul in 2009, 20 Stones in 2012, and the

unplugged wonder of last years’ acoustically anchored Wooden Thoughts release.

With each new release, Patlansky’s brought with him a tighter and more engaging lyrical twist and

even more interesting turns, all of which leads beautifully to his much anticipated 2014 full-electric

set released this May. “Dear Silence Thieves showcases some of my strongest song writing yet,” he

confirms. “I’m at a point now, musically, that I don’t even need to consciously think about writing a

particular way because it flows, organically, that way.”

With his entire existence firmly anchored and well rooted in the blues, nothing that Dan does or

delights in is contrived. “The songs will confirm that” he says confidently of his latest musical

statement. “Dear Silence Thieves has only 10 tracks, and I love that. No dilution, just good, oldfashioned,

modern blues.”

Writing, recording and performing a genre of music, arguably better than the North Americans who

claim the blues as their own, is a labour of love reserved for a very select few. With its rich and varied

character, Dear Silence Thieves highlights more new ground covered by Dan, thanks in part to

producer Theo Crous’ participation. Responsible for helping make the Springbok Nude Girls,

Parlotones, Prime Circle and Elvis Blue, amongst many others, famous, Theo pushed Dan to dig even

deeper than he thought possible. “It was hard handing over the [production] reigns,” Patlansky says

of his time in studio with Theo. “It’s a different kind of pressure. Having produced my earlier albums

myself, being removed from the process this time round gave me newfound perspective that I

relished. Theo brought great ideas to the table. He also pushed me, and we had a fair amount of

constructive negotiation when it came to getting the best out of each song.”

As for coming up with brand new material, all neatly and exclusively penned by the man himself, one

through track 10, Patlansky’s confident in Dear Silence Thieves’ popularity potential. “Everything we

do, as people, has been done before,” he purports. “How we set it up in the stew is what separates

the wheat from the chafe.” And as master chef of all things six-stringed and wired for sound,

Patlansky’s perpetual nod to the essence of the blues tradition is exemplary. “The older you get, the

better you become,” he says with a smile.

In recording Dear Silence Thieves, Dan was frugal when it came to dishing out meaty middle eights.

“Solos on the album are fewer and farther between than on my earlier releases,” he declares. “Solos

are more of a gift, but when I play these tracks live, my band and I get to lose ourselves in the layers

of each new song, and they unravel beautifully and differently every time.”

Playing as a three-piece, Dan’s tight trio make for impressive listening and watching live. “After a

week of fine-tuning the new songs, and a full month in studio, Dear Silence Thieves is the confident

and concise statement that will be heard in Europe, across South Africa, and all the way back to the

genesis of Patlansky’s passion, the blues. And, as with its maker, Dear Silence Thieves bursts with a

bold personality. “I’m the chef and my songs are recipes music fans can most certainly try at home.”

The secret ingredients now percolating, the only way to get any closer to the stuff of legend is to

catch him live, in concert, where Dear Silence Thieves enjoys a nightly remix.

For more information:

Dan Patlansky website – www.danpatlansky.com

Dan Patlansky on Facebook – Facebook: www.facebook.com/danpatlanskymusic

Dan Patlansky on Twitter – Twitter @danpatlansky

Dan Patlansky on YouTube – www.youtube.com/user/DANPATLANSKYfull


Dear Silent Thieves (2014)

Wooden Thoughts (2013)

20 Stones (2012)

Move My Soul (2009)

Real (2006)

True Blues (2004)

Standing at the Station (1999)


Author: Clarens Guide