Clarens Village Nature Reserve

The Clarens Village Nature Reserve which covers a large area running along the western edge of the town and includes mountain, grassland, river streams and a dam, is managed by the Clarens Village Conservancy together with the Dihlabeng Municipality in accordance with sound environmental principles.

Hikers and picnickers are invited to enjoy this environment at no charge (provided they respect the rules: no littering, harvesting of plants, lighting of fires, or use of motorised vehicles of any kind.) Mountain bikers, however, need to buy permits (available from Clarens Xtreme, 530 Sias Oosthuizen Street) the proceeds of which go towards maintenance of the trails.   (Read the Clarens Village Conservancy monthly reports at the bottom of this page for more information on work and activities in the Nature Reserve.)

Hiking Trails:   The trails are well marked and maps of the trails are  available from Bibliophile, Protea Hotel, Maluti Tours, Mountain Odyssey, Old Stone Bottle Store, and The Village Grocer. Trails vary from moderately difficult to very easy, and  give hikers the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of habitats (from riverside forests to mountain plateaus), birds,  and plants ranging from hardy mountain succulents to lush riverside sedges alongside pristine grasslands studded with wild flowers.  Click here to see some of the plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve – a collection of articles which feature in the Clarens News newsletters.

Scilla Walk (easy 2.4 km): The name is derived from the blue-flowering Scilla (Merwilla plumbea), a protected species found in parts of the nature reserve.

Kloof Mountain Trail (moderate: 3.4km) There is some initial climbing but the path across the summit is relatively easy, whilst the lower contour path is slightly more challenging. Stunning views.

Kloof Dam Walk (easy: 1,2 km) The Kloof Dam is a popular fishing and swimming spot for locals. This easy walk continues past the dam to the Kloof where there is a pretty waterfall in summer.

Leucosidea Trail (easy: 2.2km) An easy walk past the Kloof dam and surrounds. An abundance of spring and summer flowering plants occur in this area.

Mallen Walk (moderately easy: 1,1km) The Mallen walk involves some initial climbing followed by an almost level contour path. Recommended walk for day visitors. The trail joins both the Kloof Mountain Trail and the Spruit walk, making for easy further exploration.

Spruit Walk (easy: 2,5km)  This popular walk follows the Clarens spruit through ouhout scrub forest, Lombardy poplar and cypress plantations all the way to the Kloof dam.

Porcupine Trail (easy: 3.5km) A looping trail which connects the Leucosidea and Kloof Mountain Trails. Enjoy sandstone outcrops and overhangs, open grassland and a wide variety of birdlife.

Titanic Walk (moderate: 2km) An easy walk until you get to the final climb – which is not recommended for inexperienced hikers. Good views of Titanic and the surrounding area.

Sky Contour Path: (3.4km) Ideal for the energetic and enthusiastic.  (2 hours)

Caracal Contour (5.2km) The vistas are simply stunning.

Highly recommended:   Go on a guided tour with the Clarens Village Nature Reserve Rangers: Phone: 076 8338910 /  060 307 1489

News Items:

Plants found in the Nature Reserve (A collection of articles written by CVC head ranger Damien Coulson for the Clarens News newsletters.)

CVC Reports.  Lots of information on what’s happening in the Nature Reserve (along with info on environmental education and the recycling centre)

Clarens Village Nature Reserve



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