Clarens Community ForumOur Vision:

The Clarens Community Forum (CCF) was started in mid-2015 when it was decided that the five forums, serving the different interest groups within the village, should be given a platform to communicate with each other regarding issues in, and plans for, the village. The forums represented on the CCF are the Clarens Ratepayers Association (CRA), the Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC), the Clarens Tourism Forum (CTF), the Sector Policing Forum (SPF) and the Clarens Chamber of Commerce. There are two representatives of each forum that sit on the CCF.

The CCF aims to :

•Improve communications throughout the village
•Be transparent in all its dealings
•Facilitate cohesion between the forums for an holistic approach to the sustainability of Clarens
•Ensure the longevity of Clarens as a tourist destination
•Protect the interests of all who live, work and play in Clarens

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Author: Clarens Guide