Springbok on the Clarens Golf Estate

13 Springbuck (1 ram and 12 ewes) were introduced to the Clarens Golf Estate on Wednesday.  And they are beautiful! Francois Schoeman the estate manager told Clarens News that aesthetics is the main reason for introducing the springbuck, and The Clarens Golf Estate is now the only 18-hole golf estate in the Eastern Freestate that offers golfers a bit of game viewing as they make their way around the course.   The springbuck are part of the Beukes Wildlife breeding program, and it is hoped that another 8 will be introduced towards the end of September.  Mrs Beukes however informed Clarens News, that it all depends on how well they settle in.   It seems that moving game is a tricky business and a lot of care is taken to ensure that animals adapt well to their new environment.  Hopefully all will go well, and these new residents will flourish in their new home.



Author: Clarens Guide