Clarens invites you to relax and have fun, and village life is geared towards making sure that our visitors can relax and enjoy every moment that they’re here.

The Clarens Community – the people who make it all happen – are here mainly because they love living here, and this is probably why  Clarens has such a warm and friendly atmosphere.   An atmosphere which together with a scenic setting, the crisp clear air (thanks to the lack of factories), and the surrounding nature areas has attracted many artists to Clarens, and Clarens is known as one of South Africa’s best loved art centres.  Clarens is a very popular  holiday destination, and this has led many of its residents to becoming involved in the hospitality industry:  Clarens abounds with accommodation establishments, restaurants and coffee shops, and, since, the environment  invites adventure, Clarens adventure companies and professional guides have also settled here.  Shopping is another major attraction to the town – and there are many shops which specialize in crafts (some of them made in Clarens) which are not easily available elsewhere in South Africa. Many Clarens residents came to live in Clarens simply because they want to live in a beautiful, unspoilt environment, and there are also those that have come to live in Clarens because they need somewhere quiet to work. All of which adds up to a varied and vibrant community, made up of people who care about and are committed to Clarens.

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There can be no doubt that most of the people of Clarens are committed to the town, and this is reflected by the many individuals involved in community organizations.  These organizations  go about their business, for the most part away from the public eye, not only making sure that every Clarens citizen has access to basic needs, but also uplifting and encouraging all.  The people of Clarens are, in the main, friendly and welcoming no matter which part of Clarens you visit.   We believe that it is thanks to this community spirit that Clarens has remained  a relatively crime-free area.

Author: Craig Walters

Editor and explorer of all the News that's fit to print!