Tshepong A Place of Hope

On the land of the Uniting Reformed Church in Kgubetswana proudly stands the newly completed Tshepong a “place of hope”.
The building includes a large multi-purpose hall with kitchen, toilets and washing facilities at one end, and smaller meeting rooms at the other.
Adjacent to this hall are two container buildings, the one refurbished as a creche, and the other housing two offices.
The facilities houses jointly the Bana ba Hlokang feeding scheme as well as programmes of the Cave Church.
The Place of Hope has become a hive of activity where the different church communities through various programmes cooperate in giving hope to especially the youth of our area.

It is a wonderful story of how all this came about. It started as the miraculous coming together of the Churches of Clarens into a registered non-profit organisation called Combined Churches in Action (CCIA). What was impossible for an individual Church to do now became possible by working as a team. CCIA is already involved in many positive initiatives around town, among which is the wonderful Bana ba Hlokang (Children in Need) feeding and upliftment programme which,  for the past few years, had been housed in a temporary shelter on the grounds of Ithumeleng Clinic.
Because CCIA is already involved in a variety of educational, health, socio-economic and religious outreach programmes in the community, Tshepong certainly makes it possible for all these projects to function even better.   Click here For more information on this story.

The Centre is being given direction by a representative group of “Trustees”, and run by a Management Committee representing the Churches and Actions of CCIA

The huge building has been possible through the amazing goodwill of the community of Clarens as well as people elsewhere who have enabled Churches in Action to erect this Place of Hope
Donations to Tshepong:Bank Details:  ABSA Bank: Bethlehem,  Branch Code:  502233, Account Name:  CCIA  BANA,  Account Number: 406728694
Contact details: 
Phone (27) 058 256 1126
e-mail: swanalise@telkomsa.net
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