So your Certificate to provide Essential Service Accommodation has been issued and you are looking into so many new options for sanitzers and soaps that your head is starting to bubble over.

What you need now as an accommodation establishment is a way forward to continue doing business under extra ordinary circumstances – how to make guests feel safe and to be able to assure yourself and your staff that there is no danger of contamination.


Here is a copy of the Protocols for Tourism Industry to operate under as guidelines for compliance. It is interesting to note that all used bedding will be considered contaminated and staff will need to do a full protective outfit change at the same time (anything that touches the bedding will also be considered unsafe…) as they bring in freshly sanitized linen.

This is not going to be easy to adjust to, and no matter what you think or feel about the situation, here are the regulations which need to be considered for operating an Essential Accommodation business.

Clarens News will be publishing and promoting businesses who are still doing their best to survive in these times, and wishes all our friends and guests health and happiness during this challenge.

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