On Tuesday morning, our serene mountains were filled by the joy and mystical sounds of a truly memorable and once in a lifetime impromptu jam session. Former university professor and now world-renowned holistic animator Dr. Bruce Copley and the intriguing one-man band Zirk Bergh, came together with local electric violinist Denzl Keenen, to have some fun and challenge each other musically.

Dr. Copley is well known for his incredible range of musical instruments he can play, and truly left all with a spring in their step for the day, with the soothing sounds from his didgeridoo, hang drum (an almost UFO-like drum producing angelic sounds), flutes, shakers, bagpipes and much more. His arrival togehter with that of Zirk Bergh (with his music box and unique style of guitar playing) was a pleasant surprise, and brought  delight and humour to the day . The merging of the above mentioned unique musicians, accompanied by the wondrous, comforting and familiar sounds of Denzl Keenan’s violin, created a rich and stunning event that will be hard to forget.

These three friends and fellow artists taught all to truly embrace the moment of the ‘now’ as all of creation’s gifts and magic lie at the very core of your every moment.

Author: ClarensNews

Editor of Clarens News