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The wonderful work of the Thusanang Care Group Centre seems to be ever expanding, inspiring and helping so many along the way. On Friday 18 October 2013 the Daljosafat Farm School, situated 20km from Clarens on the Bethlehem road, gratefully accepted the compassion and help showered upon them by the care group.

The Footprint Project, run by the Thusanang Care Group, aims to alleviate the needs of local and surrounding schools by supplying them with school material, stationary and school uniforms, funds permitting. Furthermore the care group gathers the necessary information to establish why children in the community are not attending school and what the primary cause of their absence is. The Footprint project will then determine where help is needed most and what can be done to provide the much-needed education.

With funds raised during the Community Braai, the Thusanang Care Group thought it well to invest the money in schools in and around Clarens, by providing them with much needed school shoes.

The Daljosafat Farm School was established in 1970 and now has a total of 57 students ranging from Grade R to Grade Seven. The Thusanang Care Group visited the school with much excitement. Educational games were played, national dances were danced and all sang together as the joy of the day filled the air. The main event of the day left many with a grateful heart as Thusanang provided the children with a rare gift – shiny new shoes and hotdogs for all baked proudly by the Thusanang bakery.

A total of 45 pairs of shoes will be distributed and the First National Bank kindly donated ten extra pairs to ensure that all in need will be reached.

Thusanang has built strong relationships with many schools, hosting motivational talks covering subjects such as self-discipline, teenage pregnancy and abuse. Keep an eye out for news on their Sewing Project that will make and sell Proudly Clarens Clothes.

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