As Braai Day or Shisa Nyama Day rolls around again we should take a moment to stop and think about what our Heritage is as a country, not just now but down the line. Most of our sports-wear and Proudly South African shirts are already being made in China, and even here in Clarens far too many of our shops are filled with imported goods.
Without investing in locally made products, we will never support the idea that honest creative work can yield a positive future. Our artists will become laborers and their children will question the very idea of art having value.
If you believe in a South Africa which can provide for itself, which can overcome our differences and forge a nation out of the many tribes, then please make your voice heard with your purse or wallet. Buy local, help keep entrepreneurs afloat against a tide of foreign goods and not-so-goods.

Author: ClarensNews

Editor of Clarens News