Clarens Power Point Presentation Slides

Clarens – (Article by  Izak de Vries September 2014)  (AFRIKAANS)

Sentinels of the Veld (Article by Mary Walker)

Clouds and Rain (Article by Mary Walker)

Christmas trees and snow (Article by Mary Walker)

 We’ll Always Have Clarens (Story and photographs by Chris Marais)

Water – Lesotho Highlands Water Project (Article by Mary Walker)

Exotic Vegetation (Article by Mary Walker)

Valley of Art (Article by Mary Walker)

The Best Day of my Life (Article by Craig Walters)



History (Clarens News website – overview and tours)

Geskiedenis van Boshoek en Omgewing (Niel van Skalkwyk – Sethuthuthu Tours )

History of Boshoek and surroundings (Niel van Skalkwyk – Sethuthuthu Tours)

Die Derde Basoete oorlog en Paul Kruger se aandeel in Clarens. (Niel van Skalkwyk – Sethuthuthu Tours)

Clarens History(extract) written for Open Africa by Tina de Beer

The British Link (article by Mary Walker)

The Battle of Naaupoort Nek (Diaries of a Village Idiot)

President Kruger and the history of Clarens

War in the Valley (Article by Mary Walker)

On coming Home (Article by Mary Walker)

Reflections (Article by Mary Walker)

Tartan Rainbow (Article by Mary Walker)


Surrounding Area

Golden Gate Highlands National Park (Article by Mary Walker)

In the Rooiberg  (Article by Mary Walker)

Cluny Farm (Article by Mary Walker)

Verkykerskop (Article by Toni Walters)



Nature inspiring creativity with  artist Johan Smith

A new visitors book for Mount Horeb

The 17th annual Clarens Dinosaur Funwun

Advertisement (StarSat: Change your view) 

SA Tourism: Clarens the Jewel of the Free State(4.10.2012)

South Africa – Clarens and Horses

MTN Clarens National MTB 

The Clarens Experience  

Kgubetswana Tavern Tour (2012)