What an absolutely pleasant surprise you get when you step in through the doors of this old school Hotel situated in the busy heart of Bethelehem. Outside it is a busy South African high street, inside is a look back to a time of class and quality, when Bethlehem was a more genteel place.

The large lounge leads through into cavernous dining rooms, with combined seating for a few hundred by the look of it, although I was the only one there for lunch on that Tuesday afternoon. A nice lady came and turned on a television set in the smoking lounge so I would have some company while I enjoyed a very reasonably priced rump steak, well cooked with good chips and the obligatory pumpkin and spinach sides.

Remember yesteryear and stop in to the Park for lunch next time you’re in Bethlehem, and leave with the satisfaction of a great meal in sumptuous surroundings.

Or stay in one of the 70 rooms they have extending almost to the back of the city block, which look really sumptuous, in keeping with the entire interior of the place

Author: ClarensNews

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