If you go walking around the Dam in the Clarens Village Conservancy and carry on over the bridge and up the stream that feeds it, you will come to a beautiful natural pool often filled with water. Next to the pool is a sign that says Lulu se Poeletjie. I saw it the other day and decided to find out more about it, which is how I came to have coffee with Nellie Hugo 

Nellie Hugo has been walking her dogs in the mountains around Clarens every day for more than ten years, taking photos of wild flowers and the wonders of nature on her phone and enjoying the Conservancy throughout the year. If anyone loved the walks more it was Lulu, the Boerbul.

Nellie used long ago to walk her other dogs around Pietermaritzburg University, and knew in the way that dog owners do, the names of all the dogs who lead their humans through the parks of life. One day, from nowhere, a strange and timid girl appeared behind her at the car, and then, along with the rest of the family climbed in.

Driving around looking for owners and advertising found no parents for this “hemel se hond”, and so Lulu came to live with them much to the joy of Judge Jan Hugo, her husband – a man who it is said could well have been Judge President of South Africa. When they came to live in Clarens, she took to the hills like the proverbial duck to water.

Often seen wearing the seatbelt in `her’ car she was a good girl, and after she passed on Nellie asked for and received permission to place a sign at Lulu’s favourite pool, trickle filled by the mountain springs, looking back over the Clarens Dam to Titanic and Horeb.

Author: ClarensNews

Editor of Clarens News