Festival Mokoena in action

Born and raised in Clarens, Shokgwa Festival Mokoena is an accredited tour guide in the town. He conducts walking tours in the CBD, township tours, tarven tours , nature walks and hikes for all interested visitors/tourists.

He had a peak in his career as a local tour guide since the beginning of this year. All of the tourists he has hosted, they shared to have had a phenomenal experience with his tours and recommend him always.

Festival Mokoena is open and accepting to sponsorship or any other funding that he can get, just so he can grow his business as a young entrepreneur.

Hiking tours
Township tours

With these tours he has changed his life and he is supporting himself and his family. He is driven, confident, passionate about his work and the stories that he shares on his tours.

For everyone who is interested in taking part in these tours, below are the contact details of Festival Mokoena:

cellphone : 063 063 6848

email address: festivalmokoena1993@gmail.com

Let’s support local because local is lekker!