Main image: The view into the finish line at Clarens from a pilot’s perspective

Last weekend Clarens was visited by some unusually high flying guests – the Adventurists, completing the South Africa leg of the Icarus X Paramotor Trophy starting in Bethlehem and flying several hundred kilometers all the way round to Clarens, along the Lesotho mountains in a great loop.


The world’s most exciting air race lives up to its reputation

Over the weekend the skies above the Golden Gate National Park held host
to the ‘world’s most exciting air race series’, as paramotorists from around

the globe fought it out in the #Icarus X series.

For those not in the know, paramotoring is effectively flying with a motor tied to your back and a paragliding wing above your head and is growing rapidly as a sport.
The X series was created on the back of the popularity of the Icarus Trophy, the world’s longest paramotor race, and features several shorter-format stand-alone race events across the globe.

South African winner Nic Petropoulos in the centre, crossed the line first to claim the Icarus X Series trophy.

Last weekend’s race saw participants follow a stunning 350km two-day course. Taking off on Friday from Bethlehem Aerodrome, pilots followed a roughly circular route skimming the Lesotho border and flying over the
Golden Gate National Park, giving racers unique views of the Maluti Mountains and their wildlife, before finishing at Claren’s Golf Course on Saturday.

The event itself was split into two divisions – one for the more experienced pilots, who were racing for glory, and an Adventure Division, for less seasoned racers who wanted to take things at a more ‘leisurely pace’.
If ‘exciting’ flying equates to ‘challenging’ flying, then the race certainly lived up to its reputation with just over half of the competitors on the start line managing to finish the race.

The pilots had to carry their own food, clothes, and a way to sleep (although if they landed near a hotel there was nothing in the rules against them sleeping in luxury), but it was the weather and mechanical problems that caused the most issues for pilots.
Difficult head winds caused a few headaches at the start, and thermals, kicked off the mountainous terrain the race flew over, added to the fun towards the end. Mechanical issues, including cut lines and a chopped wing,
unfortunately ended the race for some, but of those who made it to the finish line, flying in above a truly breath taking landscape near Clarens, it was South African Nic Petropoulos who crossed the line first to claim the Icarus X Series trophy.

Next up in the Series is the UK and Exmoor on June the 21 st .

If you want to learn more about the Icarus X series or it’s
big brother, The Icarus Trophy, head over to


To get involved in the Icarus X simply visit


To find all the details on
everything you need to know to get yourself off
the ground and experienced enough to take part.
All you really need to get going is a head for
heights, a spirit for real adventure and a fairly
massive set of cahoonas.
Novice, expert, or just want to watch some awe –
inspiring footage of people flying; follow the link
below to watch The Icarus Trophy and see what it
is really all about –

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