David Mofokeng

News that the world’s number one golfer Rory McIlroy has just signed a ten year sponsorship deal worth £155 million raised the eyebrows of golfers all over the world. £155 million! That’s R2,170,000,000! And he’s already a multi-millionaire! Clarens golfer David Mofokeng would be eternally grateful for even one tiny crumb from that particular table.  The 32 year old turned professional a few months ago and is desperate to try his hand on the ‘Sunshine Tour’, this continent’s pro golf circuit. Most of its 25 events per calendar year are staged in South Africa and several are co-sanctioned by the European PGA Tour giving TV exposure throughout Europe and the UK. “Thanks to the generosity of friends in Clarens and Johannesburg, I was able to ‘dip my toe in the water’ and take part in several events last year,” he says.  “Besides enabling me to gain my playing credentials or ‘tour card’, this gave me experience, encouragement and the conviction that, given a fair chance, I can be successful.” It won’t be easy.  David will have to take part in an 18 hole pre-qualifying competition to gain entry to each four-day tournament. They usually take place on a Tuesday with a pro-am event on the Wednesday and the four day tournament proper starting on the Thursday.   So the odds against him winning through and following the ‘yellow brick road’ onto the European Tour in the wake of golf legends like Bobby Locke, Gary Player and Ernie Els, are massive.  But then he’s used to that. He first picked up a golf club at the age of 16 after watching Tiger Woods winning the 1997 US Masters on TV in Kgubetswana.  David was hooked.  He quit school and started caddying at Clarens Golf Club for a living.  The upside was that cadddies got to play the course for free every Tuesday and he could hit as many balls as he liked on the practice range.  He was a ‘natural’, a self taught player and despite limited opportunities to play was a scratch golfer by the age of 22. When Clarens’ 9 hole layout was rebuilt into an 18 hole championship course, David set the lowest score record with a 62. Members recognised his phenomenal talent and found ways of ensuring his membership fees were always paid.  Two years ago he got to plus 4, which means he had to add four shots onto his total score! Now, after a lengthy apprenticeship, he’s seeking some form of sponsorship to help him enter the ‘play for pay’ game. “Each tournament can cost up to R7,000 in entry fees, accommodation, food, and transport”, David says.  “That’s an awful lot of money and I would be grateful for any form of sponsorship assistance.” In return, sponsor’s logos would be displayed on David’s golf bag and clothing and on the Sunshine Tour website.  David would be delighted to participate in company functions or golf days and is available to give golf lessons to employees or family members. It’s also worth noting that sponsorship can be offset as tax relief as part of an advertising budget. “I am asking for a lot of money,” he acknowledges. “I know that.  But I’d be happy for any agreement to be reviewed at any time during the season.  And I’m ready to demonstrate my ability to any interested parties.” David can be contacted at 073 338 5430 or by email at mofokengdavid39@yahoo.com

Author: Clarens Guide