Combined Churches in Action (CCIA) Clarens

Combined Curches in Action (CCIA)  came into being in Clarens during 2002.   It is a public benefit organisation (no. 930016906) and non-profit organisation (no. 044-650).

Presently there are 7 projects associated with CCIA, giving attention to almost every area of concern in the needy community. Every Project Committee has to find their own funding, but the general Management Committee of CCIA undergirds and coordinates the work being done. In addition projects dealing with HIV/Aids sufferers and their families are supported.


A beautiful hall with various rooms and facilities has been erected on the spacious grounds of the Uniting Reformed Church. This has become the centre for many activities related to CCIA. It is already increasingly being used and accepted as a community centre by other organisations. Click here for more about Tshepong Centre

CCIA’S PROJECTS are in alphabetical order:

Bana ba Hlokang (Children in Need)
Some 200 orphans and vulnerable children are given a meal every weekday. This project looks holistically at the needy children, so attention is also given to their physical, educa­tional and spiritual development. In a computer room the children are exposed to educational programmes. In addition, some receive choir training, others learn to paint, etc. Click here for more information on Bana ba Hlokang

Centre Ballet
A number of farm and township children receive ballet training, with the discipline and physical fitness that go with it. Plans are in place to build a facility as part of Tshepong where ballet and other art programmes take place.  Click here for more information.

Clarens Counselling Ministry
A group of trained lay counsellors are available to provide help to any person from the community. Some have received specialised training in children’s counselling and play therapy which takes place in well-equipped rooms. The service is increasingly used by the schools and police service.

Home Based Care
For help and information contact 079 826 2648.   (Available 24/7) Click here for more information.

Outreach Committee
– On a regular basis various educational and motivational ministries are undertaken in the schools and among township youth by trained workers.
– Retirement Care: Through home based care elderly people are enabled to stay in their home environment. At the same time appropriate housing and a frail care unit is being planned for those who want to stay in Clarens.  Click here for more information
– Social Concerns:  The Social Concerns committee cooperates with the social worker and child care centre to see that specific needs are met. It further runs an enrichment programme called Depen­da­ble Strengths, it functions as an advocacy group on environ­mental matters, and works with other commu­nity organisations in addressing various social needs. Click here for more information

 – Youth Focus:  Programmes are provided with the focus on healthy and formative activities for the youth.Click here for more information.


All Donations are Welcome:

Our banking details are the following:
Name: Combined Churches in Action (CCIA)
Bank: ABSA Bethlehem (502 223), 22 Church Street, PO Box 23, Bethlehem 9700
Swift code: ABSAZAJJ
Cheque account number 406 227 9271


Contact Details:

P.O. Box 180, Clarens, 9707


§Contact: Dons Kritzinger 082 859 1505


Thank you and God Bless


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