Clarens – the most poplar destination in South Africa right now!

So many years ago the original De Leeuw family, a school teacher and one of the original mayoresses of Clarens had the vision to plant a host of Lombardy and Normandy poplar trees to line the streets of their beloved village. Today the De Leeuw nursery is still running, and continues to donate trees to planting schemes all over the area, and if you explore the townships of Clarens you will see many peach and other fruit trees dripping with gifts in season.

This is the season of Autumn and the trees are ablaze with brightness that makes the cooler days more than bearable as we celebrate the change of the seasons.

These are some of the best images of autumn photography that have popped up on the News Group over the last weekend and if you are photographer, now is the time to come and take some of your own. Thanks to the beautiful people who took the pics and the time to share them. All images are credited.

Hannes de Kock

Cecile Nijland

Adrian Jackson

Mabel Grace

Author: ClarensNews

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