All art, writing and architecture is humanity’s attempt to leave something as permanent as a mountain…

Looking at the strata of colors that run through the area around Clarens and talking to geologists reminds us that we are living in millions of years old history, a slow motion planetary explosion. The Beaufort layer, the Molteno layer, the dolomite dykes and how they are formed all point backwards through time to a place before us. We can’t find any shots of actual dinosaurs walking around the village (well, we can but privacy laws dictate that we don’t publish them without revealing identities), but here are some images from the first cameras to enter the region, sent by Lize-Rae Schwim from her family collection.

Seeing the mountains without their human decorations is amazing, and the challenge is to find the places the original pics were taken and recreate them to see how things change while staying the same.

Author: ClarensNews

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