Clarens Fire Association




First and foremost please phone the Bethlehem Fire Department – Telephone Number (058) 303 5161

Phone Clarens Police Station and report the fire and give address of fire and clear directions. (058) 256 6000 or 6001 or 6002.

Phone Paballo’s Nursing Sisters – Henriette Hohne 082 327 1035 or Antoinette Earle 083 236 1293

Phone Rodney Wainwright (058) 256 1037 or 083 680 7770 or 083 635 5881 or Phone Dave Green (058) 256 1214 or 082 957 0739

Municipality – Michael (058) 256 1411 or 079 538 6887

Remember that the Clarens Fire Association is a voluntary organisation which provides integrated fire management of veld fires. This involves the implementation of prevention strategies such as education, communication, reduction of fuel loads, preparing of fire breaks, etc. The other major focus is the suppression of veld fires to prevent loss of life whist minimising the potential damage to the environment and personal property. These are all specialised operations sometimes requiring very different skills and equipment to that necessary to deal with structural (house and other building) fires.

House fires may require specialised equipment, such as oxygen, proper face masks and head gear and specialised clothing such as bunker suits. Different and specialised training must be given in fighting house fires as one needs to pre-empt many different eventualities, such as falling timbers, chemicals, gas cylinders, paint, solvents, electrical installations, dangerous gases, structural failures, etc. One also has to consider the possibility of insurance claims on damaged property and potential liability.

The Clarens Fire Association volunteers,as concerned residents in the village, are willing to assist members with structural fires as far as is reasonably possible until the Bethlehem Fire Department arrives and to try and prevent any spread of fire to adjoining properties. Please take into account that if it is not veld fire season – then there will be a response delay in getting the fire fighting equipment loaded into vehicles and filled with water. We do not have the luxury of dedicated vehicles and equipment which can be parked ready waiting for a callout and it is not possible to expect volunteers to ride around all year with nearly a ton of fire fighting equipment and water on the back of their private vehicles!


Contact Clarens Fire Association

Rodney Wainwright 083 680 7770
Dave Green 082 957 0739
Elliot Flight 082 897 6347
Stephan Delport 083 822 1053
Ralph Burls 082 800 8821
Tsepiso Mosia 071 079 1332


To see what the Clarens Fire Association do have a look at the slides presented at the 2013 AGM.

To become a member click here for your Membership form.  (Membership of the Clarens Village Conservancy and the Clarens Ratepayers Association is included.)

Click here: To find out more about how the Clarens Fire Association is funded.

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