The picture looks like it’s from a museum, but it’s the computer laboratory at Tshepong School, where over a hundred children are educated, upskilled and very importantly fed every day.

These kids are starting a long way behind the line, and life is not easy for them, but thanks to the Combined Churches In Action they have many opportunities to improve their opportunities and make potentially great lives for themselves in the future. From Chess Clubs, vegetable gardens (weather permitting) and performance workshops to access to computers and emotional support, Tshepong does everything in its power to give these vulnerable children a chance in life.

It has been in operation for nearly twenty years, and many of the little ones have grown up and some are entering tertiary education, with nothing but passion and desire for self upliftment. Technology changes all the time, and as you upgrade, what do you do with your old computers and equipment?

Fully Connected collect and repair machines for the orphanage, so even if you think your old computer is beyond repair, please contact Michael Kruyshaar to see if it can have a new life with someone who really needs it.

  Thomas Thaele has put together this appeal, and I really hope that Clarens is able to help find what it takes to give these kids a chance.

Used laptops available?

CCIA (Combined Churches in Action) is a registered non-profit organization in Clarens in which some 14 local churches combine their development actions among the poor. Among the various educational interventions of CCIA is the provision of some financial assistance to a few university students from Clarens where their government loans are not covering everything.

Some of them are in urgent need of laptop computers, especially those studying Natural Sciences or Accounting. We would like to help them in this regard.

Are there maybe people in the community with unused but still functioning laptops who could donate them for our students?

Contact Thomas at Tshepong: 058 256 1268 or 071 518 5849.

The Tshepong Sewing Circle is also based here

Find out more about Combined Churches in Action CLICK HERE

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