AfriSki reports that they had 343 day visitors up at 3222m’s today!!!(Saturday 15 June). Kids of all ages tried their skis and snow tubes, boards and ski lifts up on top of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The Snow Gun has been shooting as the temperature dropped, and now the slope is in spectacular condition. 

If you get a chance, go to AfriSki and build a snowman, drink a gluwein, go wild at the Winterfest, hit the slope and enjoy the vibes on top of the world.


You can see the integrity of the snow gun White Gold!!!! Looks and feels great!!!

Among them was Jade Daniels..the Carte Blanche presenter…styling on our snowboard park.

Some advice from Heather the Snow Fairy: It’s R50 per adult, ages 5 and under don’t pay the resort gate fee!
There is also a R40 Lesotho border fee to pay as you enter Lesotho..i advise cash for that (R1 – 1 Maloti, one to one exchange rate)…they do have a card machine..but it’s not always working! Also advise to fill up before going over the border. There is fuel in Buthe Botha (which is cheaper by the way!), but the turn off to Afriski over the border, is before the town of Buthe Botha..so it’s easier to have that full tank pre-border crossing. Maybe fill up in BB on your way out..a cheaper full tank before heading home?…Have cash for fuel if possible.
Afriski resort takes Visa and Master Card..

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