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Welcome to Winter

Snow making at Afriski


No snow in Clarens yet :  just clear blue skies and very chilly nights.  But yes – winter is here and it’s time to go skiing.   Afriski (only 2 hours from Clarens) is open and the thanks to their ability to make snow, the slopes are already providing opportunities for some great fun in the snow.   Click here to find out more about making snow and to read the latest snow report, and directions (with map) to Afriski.


How to stay warm in Clarens

Staying warm in Clarens is easy.   Here are some tips:

Posthouse IMG_0005 Grouse IMG_0002


–  Wrap up warm – but wear layers of clothing so that you can always take something off when you get too hot.  (And yes – at some point of the day you will.)

– Find a sunny spot out of the wind.   It may be winter, but we still have clear blue skies, and there are lots of spots where you can thaw out in the sun.

– Eat out!  Most Clarens Restaurants are well equipped for winter weather – and what can be more romantic than a gorgeous dinner next to a blazing fire.


Clarens to Fouriesburg The Caledon Loop


Self-drive:  Clarens to Fouriesburg:  The Caledon Loop

If you’re driving the popular Clarens to Furiesburg route (one of the recommended self – drive/sightseeing routes on clarens news website) why not make a short detour and drive the Caledon Loop.

From Clarens, take the R711 to Fouriesburg.   About 18k from the Clarens Golf club look out for the turnoff left onto S1356/S505, then stay right on the S505, a gravel road which winds down to the Caledon river valley floor.    This road is in excellent condition and easy to drive in any vehicle.  Read more


Save our Horses  AHS Campaign

Horses in Clarens - African Horse Sickness Campaign


There are 4 major viruses killing our horses in SA. : African Horse Sickness, West Nile, EEV and Middelburg Virus.   In an effort to stop our horses from dying  Fund raising rides  are being planned throughout the country to create awareness and to raise funds to vaccinate horses belonging to those communities who cannot afford to vaccinate their horses.  (The blanket vaccination of horses  is no longer done by the State.)   The rides are due to take  place in August, just before the major vaccination time which usually takes place in September.  The first ride is to take place on  16th August, 2014,  when riders will ride from Shumba Valley to a beautiful historic farm just outside Fouriesburg.   Click here to read more.



The Twitcher


woody_and_doris-1Contemplating winter in Clarens is a confusing business.  Gaze out of the windows and the blue skies stretch to infinity while the sun butters the rolling mountains with awesome hues of khaki and gold.  Gorgeous.  Until you step outside and freeze where you stand.  Such is the social meteorology of our mountain perch, but I wax a trifle too lyrical perhaps.  In short, it looks brilliant out but don’t plan on spending too much time galloping about in it.  That is, after all, why God’s great plan includes breweries, restaurants and guest houses with large, roaring fires.Which brings me, via a complex and tangential route, to painting by numbers.  You’ve seen them; of course you have.  The concept is simple: Some small Korean person makes a neat line drawing of, say, London Bridge or a bowl of Carnations, and carefully numbers each and every little piece of it, circumscribed by a clear and uncompromising line.  The number concerned matches, assuming you bought the right set, a collection of paints which – when carefully applied to the corresponding space on the paper or canvas – produce a pleasing (though sometimes puzzling) outcome.  As a new-borne artist, you will almost certainly leave the result in your will to some thoroughly undeserving member of your intimate family, and never do another one. Read more



Report Back:   Upgrading of Clarens Water Treatment Works

Proponent: Dihlabeng Local Municipality
EIA Ref: EMB/11(x&xi), 18(i), 40(ii), 13(c)iii(dd)/14/25

Draft Basic Assessment Report for public comment
Please note that the draft BAR and EMPr for the above project are now available for public comment. They can be downloaded at A hard copy has also been sent to the Clarens Municipality to be made available for public viewing.
Stakeholders are invited to review and submit comments on these draft reports prior to them being finalised and submitted to the DETEA. The deadline for submitting comments is 23 July 2014.
Should you require any further information please contact Paul Scherzer, E&D Consulting Services : 035 791 1362/084 207 6031
Please see  the Community Notice Board for other notices relating to our Community

 Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve: Schizoglossum atropurpureum

Clarens Village Nature Reserve Schizoglossum atropurpureum

Damien Coulson

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at a less-oft observed specimen  of the Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed) family.

Schizoglossum atropurpureum subsp. atropurpureum (Red-Milkwort in English, Melkwortel in Afrikaans and sehoete-moru in Sesotho) –what a mouthful, is a moderately sized erect geophytic herb of 600 – 1300 mm. It occurs in grasslands where there is a low fire incidence, but more often closer to streams where scrub and boulders are found. This herbaceous plant has been recorded at altitudes of 2040 m A.S.L. from the E. Cape through to Mpum.

This specimen was photographed along the Mallen Walk, but be quick if you want to take a happy-snap of the little bugger – the flowers are only in bloom for around a month and a half – 2 months. The stems of the genus spring-up annually from a small carrot-like tuber, which if pierced may exude a milky latex.  Read more

 CVC Report-back May  2014

Damien Coulson’s Report-back for May 2014  makes interesting reading: not only do the rangers appear to be winning the war against Alien and Invasive plants, but they’re also doing what they can about problem cattle in the reserve.   They continue their excellent work on the trails, and are now also offering to help property owners with advice on how to deal with removal of alien plants.   Click here to read the full report. You can also lend your support and keep all their hard work going by becoming a member of the Clarens Village Conservancy.  Click here to find out more.

Music : This weekend

Tonight @ Friends Restaurant in Clarens:

– -Live Band – Slipstream!!!!!

Keep an eye on the Clarens News facebook page, where we’ll post any other music events, as and when we get to hear about them.


Richard Beaming and Carol Orfao  married on Thursday.   Perhaps (going on the photo) to be known in future Mr. and Mrs. Beeming!  Well done you two!!!!

Richard and Carol Beaming

Restaurant Specials

Monday – Friday:  The Posthouse breakfast! Sart the day on the right note.  The Posthouse Breakfast ranges from R22 – R30, and includes tea and coffee.

Monday:  Protea Hotel: 17h00 – 19h00:  Soup and Sherry specials (R35) includes assorted breads and and the 1st sherry free.We also have periodic cake specials at R35 for cake and coffee/hot chocolate/cuppachino.


Friends Happy Hour from 20h00 to 21h00.  Live music.

Wednesday:  Brambleberry @ The Ash (Old Cranford):  Burger and Pizza Specials

Thursday:   Golden Age Day at Bon Appetit Bistro: (Rosemary Centre) Every Thursday (except Public Holidays) is now “Golden Age Day” @ Bon Appetit Bistro. If you are in the Golden Age (over 65 years old), come enjoy Breakfast (served all day), a light lunch, tea, coffee or cake and get 10% discount on your bill.  Open from 9.30am till 4.00pm.

Thursday:  Brambleberry:  Happy Hour 17h30 to 18h30 followed by two-course meal special

Friday:  Courtyard: Specials at the Cafe every friday from 12 noon, and at the Restaurant every friday evening from 18h00

Friday:  The Highlander: Happy Hour from 17h30 to 18h30. Need to make a booking?   Click here for a list of Restuarant telephone numbers


Coming Events:  26 June 2014 : Brel meets Hardy

Can’t wait for this one.  Jacque Brel and Francoise Hardy.  Magnifique!


Clarens News Supper Theatre Brel meets Hardy


Coming Events: 26 June 2014: Mountain Breeze Locals Night

Mountain Breeze Thursday

Coming Events:  27 June 2014 :Rocky Horror Party Nite

Clarens News Rocky Horror Party


Platteland Preview, Smithfield, Free State

Regional Events:  27 – 29 June, 2014:  Platteland Preveiw, Smithfield


The Platteland Preview is getting a name as the place for writers and performers to try new productions before hitting the high spots of Grahamstown.


Visit the Platteland Preview website  for more information on the events


Coming Events: Always something happening in Clarens

As you can see – we’ve got lots of supper theatre happening this month.  But that’s not all…… Click here:  For more information on what’s  happening in Clarens.


Watch all the action at one of our local Clarens pubs The atmosphere is great –   almost like being at the game!



The Classifieds page on the website has some very interesting ads.   Need a washing machine, a house to rent, or a carpenter to fix up that old furniture?  Click here to have a look

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