Venus in December 2013

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Venus, named after the goddess of Love and Harmony, can be enjoyed in all its glory during dusk or dawn on December 6 2013, as it will be at its brightest for all of 2013 and 2014. The beautiful planet will be extraordinary to observe upon reaching its greatest illuminated extent on Friday. This means that the Earth’s daytime side will cover more square area of the sky than at any other time during Venus’ present apparition as the evening “star”. It’s at this illuminated extent that Venus will be at its brightest, best seen from the Earth.

Venus will be in an inferior conjunction with the Earth and the Sun on 11 January 2014. Thus, after the first few days of January, Venus will be too close to the Sun to observe.

This month Venus will shine at a negative 4.9 magnitude and none will be able to miss this splendid planet.

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Genevieve Article by Genevieve Blignaut

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