Tina de Beer Art Gallery (Article)

From the moment you walk into the Tina De Beer Gallery in Clarens, you feel as though you are a discoverer and that you have found hidden treasure. I am not sure how else to describe this feeling, but will try to explain what I think it is.Over a lifetime of exploring the far reaches of Southern Africa you would have found landscapes, seascapes, flowers and wildlife that have left an impression on you; a moment with a majestic Kudu, the cleanliness of the dessert. Tina has captured these jewels of African life, fauna and flora from her own experiences.The feeling one gets browsing through the gallery is that each one of her individual paintings captures one of these unique moments. When you realize that the entire exhibition is made up of extraordinary individuals, you get a sense that you are in a very special place.Tina’s art is not mass-produced. Each painting is unique. This she says: “is how her passion and love for painting, stays alive.” Moments captured from all over Southern Africa, a moment that you could own and hang in your home to be appreciated for generations.Tina De Beer paintings hang in many homes and offices throughout South Africa. And internationally as far afield as he United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Canada and Australia.She has been presented at combined exhibitions in Germany, Johannesburg, and North West Province. Solo exhibitions in Rustenburg and Knysna. She now paints and sells from the TINA DE BEER GALLERY in Clarens.Tina De Beer was born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). She grew up on a farm in Mashonaland. Her childhood mentor N.H. Brettell, taught her to express herself with paints from the age of nine.After schooling at Girls High in Salisbury, she relocated to Pretoria to train as a teacher. In 1992 she gave up teaching and began painting full-time. She soon discovered the many different and expressive approaches of oil painting. Workshops and the continual study of the work and writing of other artists, has sharpened her painting skills.She truly loves what she does and is passionate about her work. She is well known for the extreme effort she puts into commissions for her clients.It is a real treat visiting the Tina De Beer Gallery in Clarens. I will be back soon.

(Article originally published in Clarens Mag)