Clarens Primary School Revamp

Clarens Primary School                       
Clarens Primary, a school that was established almost a century ago will be celebrating their hundredth birthday  by receiving  a much needed revamp. The school is a non fee student school and depends largely on funding. Together with the dedicated teaching staff and helpers the school strives to bring out the best in learners by making use of what they have available.

Clarens Primary School headmistressProud school principal Annetjie Coetzee has done her best to steer and direct the primary school through hard times. Last year (2013), after hearing about the Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative(ASIDI), Annetjie  wrote to  this organisation on behalf of the school and the ASIDI, after inspecting the school, have now approved funding  (R15 million) for reconstruction.

The reconstruction of the school is expected to begin within the next month if everything goes to plan. Quantity and quality surveyor, Mr. J.A van den Heever and the consulting civil engineer company Civil Concepts had already evaluated the property and have deemed the land suitable for construction.New facilities will include:
– Two buildings consisting of 2 grade R class rooms, toilet facilities, a kitchen, a playground and a sick bay.
– Two buildings consisting of 5 class rooms each for upper grades and toilet facilities,
– a library and a computer room,
– a science laboratory,
– a nutrition centre,
– a new tuck shop
– an amphitheater
– sports facilities including netball and tennis courts.Clarens Primary School
When asked about what the best part of the whole reconstruction process was for her, Annetjie responded by saying that every year many learner applications are rejected because the school just do not have enough space and classes to take on more learners. The new school buildings will  have 2 classes for each grade making it possible to accept more learners. Currently there are 360 learners and after the reconstruction, the school will be able to accommodate 580 learners.
There is also the possibility that,if there are still funds available after all the above building and construction, to construct a building shed (photo below left) that will be used as a
school hall. This will help and benefit the learners in a big way since it gets very cold during Winter and currently students have  to sit in the open during assembly every morning.
A special thanks to Annetjie for agreeing to give us the information and the opportunity to do this article.  



Julio Ontong

Research and Photography by: Julio Ontong

Clarens News: April 2014