The Clarens Golf Estate: Business League

Clarens News: 11 April, 2014

The Clarens Golf Estate will be playing host to numerous entrepreneurs and business owners hoping to proclaim themselves champions on the Golf Course. Currently Art & Wine and Sir Henry’s has entered teams. Mr Rob Donald will captain the third. Mike Henry is also in the process of getting his team together. If you feel confident that you would be able to commit to playing with a full team the last Wednesday of every month please let us know. Teams will have to have four players representing.The format will be Fourball Alliance: 2 Mystery Scores to Count. Single players, barbarians with no alliances, will be accommodated  monthly forming a rugged bunch of players looking to topple the more structured teams.

Current Teams entered: Art & Wine, Sir Henry’s, Management, Rob’s Team.
Starting the last Wednesday of April and spots are still open for more teams.
Special rates will apply for visiting players in your teams.
Please invite your friends and business partners to join in the fun!
Francois Schoeman
Golf Operations Manager