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5th December, 2014 newsletter

Golf course


This weekend Clarens will be welcoming all those golfers (as well as their families and supporters) taking part in The Heineken Clarens Open.   Players will be playing 54 holes of stroke play on the newly planted course. Playing 36 holes on Saturday the 6th of December and finishing with 18 holes Sunday the 7th. The clubhouse will also be showcasing its new menu’s and recently updated facilities.

The golf course is looking magnificent (as can be seen in our feature photograph above taken by Mary Walker.)

Francois Schoeman (General Manager: The Clarens Golf Estate):  THE CLARENS GOLF ESTATE has gradually been climbing the ladder toward becoming the premier golfing destination in the Free State. Recently the entire Golf Course was rejuvenated by re-seeding the entire course. Adding to the new turf they purchased three machines of the highest quality to further help improve the course to attain top national standards.    Read more



Clarens Golf Estate Community Association Manager
Earns International Qualification

Francois Schoeman, General ManAger of The Clarens Golf Estate, has been named a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) by the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). The board administers the CMCA examination, a rigorous test that measures knowledge of community management best practices. Francois Schoeman joins CMCAs worldwide who have demonstrated the skills essential for managing homeowner and condominium associations and cooperatives to the highest levels of Business expertise.

Francois Schoeman has joined an elite few with this qualification in South Africa. Management has been seemingly easy to Francois Schoeman and he has continued to develop himself personally into one of the top Community Associations Managers in South Africa. With his latest achievement he is set to continue his steady climb to the top of the industry.

There are +-3 000 Home owners Associations and 56 000 Sectional Title Schemes in South Africa. An Estimated 5 million people reside in organised communities.
Managers like Francois Schoeman manage assets in excess of R800 billion in the South African residential market. The value of property in organised communities is 27 percent of total residential property in South Africa. These skilled professionals are trained in the evolving complexities of community association management. CMCA-certified managers have the expertise needed to safeguard the assets of community associations, protecting home values and providing homeowners with peace of mind.

The CMCA is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and complies with the NCCA’s stringent international standards for a professional certification program.

CAMICB is an independent board that sets the standards for community association managers worldwide. It is the first and only organization created solely to certify community association managers and enhance the professional practice of community association management. Merging existing Business acumen with industry specific knowledge. Francois Schoeman is currently the only CMCA in the Free State Province, South Africa.





Travel ground have posted an excellent blog:  Clarens – An Artists’ Haven for Everyone by Roseanna McBain.    The article has been shared on all their social media sites which have at present 5,329 Twitter fans, 28,831 Google+ followers and 66,643 Facebook fans.

It will likely also be shared on LekkeSlaap (their sister website) once it is translated to Afrikaans, to their fan base of 1460 twitter followers, 123,972 Facebook followers, and 10,969 followers Google+ followers.

This is great news for Clarens and will we believe go a long way to re-establishing Clarens as a major Art Centre.

Myosotis semiamplexicaulis


Damien1-100x100Article and photographs

by Damien Coulson

Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. This week we’re focusing on our first member of the Boraginaceae (Borage) family.

Myosotis semiamplexicaulis (Forget-me-not in English, Vergeet-my-nie in Afrikaans & sethutu in Sesotho) is a bushy herb which may grow to 600mm tall. This little bush prefers moist ground amongst scrub and often rock (near ravines or on well-shaded southern mountain slopes) with an altitudinal range of 1400 right through to 3000 m A.S.L.

The genus name Myosotis harks from 2 Greek words – myos meaning mouse and otis meaning ear, most likely referring to the characteristic petal shape. The species name likewise comprises 2 words – semi or “partial” and amplexicaulis or “stem grasping” in reference to the leaves at their basal point closest to the stem.   Read more

Editor’s note:  When Damien sent us this information he drew our attention to the SANBI status for this species is DDT (explained in-text). So if you know of any varsity students looking for a research project, here’s a possible subject.


Order your Christmas Trees

Christmas tree sale





















What a fun (and useful) way to support the CVC.


Small child development over the holiday period


Small child development, holiday program

Dates: 15 -19 December, 9:00 – 12:00, Theme: Telephones

            22 – 24 December, 9:00 – 12:00, Theme: Christmas

            29 – 31 December, 9:00 – 12:00, Theme: Old Year/New Year

For children, age 4 – 5 years

                     (Min. 6 children/group – Max. 12/group)

                      Bring own snacks

Place: N.G. Church Hall, Clarens   Cost:   R90/child/day

For more information, contact: Nanette Campher: Cell: 072 240 8561

E- mail: nenanettecampher@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

There’s a lot happening this month.   For more Events please have a look at the Events page on the website.


Heinieken Open 20131206_104030[2] 6-7 DecemberClarens Open
Save our horses comedy 6 DecemberBrian Taylor Comedy Eveningat Shumba Valley 
Clarens Country Market10171100_386446191497111_6617258284236721055_n 6 DecemberClarens Country Market
Belly dance 6 DecemberYalla Habibi
Christmas 2 13 DecemberNG Kerk Christmas Market
Andre Swiegers 13 DecemberAndre Swiegers in Clarens


Restaurant News

The following restaurants have indicated that they will be open on Christmas Day.

As we get their menues these will be uploaded onto our Events Page, but in the meantime, here are their telephone numbers so that you can be sure to have a table booked.

278 On Main:  0825565208   (278 Main Street) buffet lunch

Adamo Restaurant : 058 256 1212  (Protea Hotel) details only available 1st week of December

Amigos Restaurant :   082 797 5079 (Main Street) Christmas dinner bookings essential

Artichoke:  058 256 1283 (Main Street) details only available 1st week of December

Bon Appetit: 079 873 1318  (Rosemary Centre – Main Street)not Christmas style 3 course meal.

Clementines: 058 256 1616/ 082 453 7060 not Christmas style 3 course meal.

Courtyard Cafe : 082 650 1503  (Oosthuizen/Main Street) Christmas dinner only on Christmas eve

Gosto: 082 416 3687 (On The Square Centre) Portuguese style dinner

Maluti Lodge: 058 256 1422/3   072 725 8549  (Steil Street) details only available 1st week of December

Mont D’Or : 058 256 1272 details only available 1st week of December

The Lazy Gecko:  (Main Street): 061 405 8776 Breakfast/Lunch not Christmas style



Community News (Notices and Letters)

Letter to all DA residents of Ward 20 (Clarens) from Mandy Prior

 To all DA residents of Ward20 (Clarens).  I would like to thank you for your support over the past three years.

Unfortunately, due to health concerns, I have handed in my resignation as Councillor.

Fortunately, I hand you over into the capable hands of Councillor Roger Nhlapo, in the knowledge that he will keep the DA base strong in our area.

With the country in the state it is, I can with confidence say, the Democratic Alliance and its policies, is the only party that gives us hope for the future.

Best Wishes.

Clr.Mandy Prior

Clarens Ratepayers Association:  re Sewerage

 Following on from my email of Nov 15, when I reported that some residents in the Village had received their September Municipal Account with the overstated sewerage charges, it appears that on some accounts, the error is still appearing on the November accounts.

 The Municipality apologises for this error; they had thought that it had been corrected when we raised it with them at that time and they are now going through the process of rectifying the error.  It would appear that the 50% discount, which the CRA had negotiated some years ago for those on the small bore sewerage system, had inadvertently  not been processed.


Pat Raubenheimer


Clarens’ Ratepayers’ Association: Phone: 058 256-1123/083 450-7070

email:  raubenheimer@icon.co.za


Tshepong Christmas Party

The Tshepong Chistmas party has come and gone, but for those of you who couldn’t be there Dons Kritzinger sent us some photographs:   Click here to see them.


Remember to have a look at our Classifieds page on the website.   An interesting new building block now manufactured in Clarens has just been listed.   You may also need to order your Christmas cake……..



Celebrating Art

Richard Rennie 50111

Today is Richard Rennie’s 82nd birthday!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD!    I’m sure it will be quite a celebration at the Richard Rennie Gallery this afternoon  See you there.

AND on this special occasion it seems appropriate not only to celebrate Richard’s birthday, but also to celebrate art in Clarens.   Clarens is known as an art centre – and our art scene seems to be getting more and more vibrant.   One of the things that is so special about the art in our town is that there is such a wide range of art on offer – something to everyone’s taste.   The website has a list of the galleries in town – and a new ART ROUTE is about to be published.

Calling all artists:

Clarens News has  already uploaded most of the Art Galleries to Galleries Page on our website, and are happy to promote all art (and related) courses on our events page.  (If you have a gallery, please check the information on your page – and if you can’t find your listing, please send us your information so that we can rectify the matter.)

Clarens News would however like to take our website a step further and honour all those artists who live and work in Clarens but do not have a gallery of their own.   We’ve seen your work in our restaurants, hotels, and shops, but we’d love to have you listed on our website as well.   Please send us your details:  who you are, your contact details, a description of your work with one or two images if possible, and where visitors can see your work.     We are also happy to highlight news from your blogs or facebook pages in our newsletters.

And on that note.   We’ve been following Peter Bonney’s blog:   http://peterbonney.co.za/my-far-away-vondeling-paintings/   Click onto the blog and catch a glimpse of his latest work.

Clarens on Printerest

Another exciting development for Clarens News is that we are uploading images of Clarens onto our Printerest page.   (We were thinking of adding a gallery page to our website – but concluded that using Printerest would make it much easier for everyone to share.)  We’ve already started with a few and are about to upload an image posted to our Clarens News timeline on facebook from Lize Artist On Demand.   Lize writes:

I stay in Midlands KZN and was on holiday in Clarens in August. I went to Kado and was fascinated with the old Chev and took a photo as I decided I had to do a painting and thought I will share it with the Clarenites.


Have you heard of the Klopse?   The KLOPSE is kind of Friendship Club that meets monthly (every month on the last Monday evening of the month) in the Methodist hall.   It had its beginning around 2001 as the “Afrikaanse Aand”. Although never exclusively Afrikaans it provided an opportunity for especially Afrikaans speakers to come and share with others their professional and general interests. The name was adopted after a talk by the late (Professor) Daan Wybenga (an eminent linguist) in which he explained the origin of the “Klopse” movement among the Coloured people at the Cape: they observed the “Clubs” of the British, and decided to have their own “Klopse” (from the word “club”). So Clarens’s own “Klopse” was born!

The KLOPSE in Clarens welcomes all friends who are interested in an informative talk (often illustrated) on a wide variety of subjects. In 2014, for example, subjects like the following were dealt with by knowledgeable local people: The Incas of Peru; African Music, Legends and Heroes from the Greek Classics; Sustainable Development of Cities; The Science of Diamonds; A sea voyage along the coast of Norway; The Conservation of the Clarens Environment. The variety is great, and the subject matter always interesting.   All are heartly invited to the gatherings at 18:30, on the last Monday of the month (except December). More information is available from Dons Kritzinger, 082-849-1505 or 058-256-1179.

The November meeting was postponed to this Monday (1st December, 2014)  .   You’ll find further details on the Events Page..

Ebola – A Threat to our Tourism Industry

Having just visited the Netherlands, Greece, France and Italy, I can’t say I am particularly surprised to receive an article from The Economist:  Economic Consequences of Ebola.  As soon as anyone we met discovered we were from South Africa they asked about Ebola.   We did our best to explain that it wasn’t a problem in South Africa, and those that believed us and didn’t move away, then asked if we knew any of the schoolgirls that had been kidnapped (Nigeria), or if we (like the “blade-runner”) slept with a weapon next to our bed.  It all seems so far-fetched, but yes these factors are probably having an impact on the number of tourists who visit South Africa – and will be felt even in Clarens.

So what can we do about it?   Not much except to spread information on the facts as widely as possible.   Derek Joubert’s article Ebola and Africa written for AG Africa Geographic is an excellent read, and we would suggest that it be passed on whenever possible.  ( You never know – it could make a difference.)  Click here to read the full article.


Have a look at the events page on the website.   With Christmas happening next month it seems that there’s already a lot of planning going on in Clarens to celebrate this special day.   But – why wait until Christmas – there’s a lot of fun to be had in Clarens before then.   Check the Clarens News facebook page on friday afternoon for news on the weekend’s music and weather.    Other events coming up soon include:

28th November:  Richard Rennie’s 82nd Birthday
29th November:  Cherry Food Market at Cafe Moulin
29th November, 2014:  Clarens Country Market
29th November:  Anton Benzon & Dianne Erasmus at Robert Badenhorst Art Gallery
29th November:  Christmas time show at Martie Lotz  hall
30th November:  Cherry Food Market at Cafe Moulin
30th November:  Christmas Carols service
KLOPSE FRIENDSHIP CLUB:  Ist December  Klopse Friendship Club
Brian Taylor Comedy Evening at Shumba Valley
6-7 December:  Clarens Open
6th December: Yalla Habibi


AND then there are lots more exciting events coming up in December, but more about those in the next newsletter.  (You can, of course, take a sneak preview by visiting the Events page on the website.)


Christmas is coming

Calling all Clarens Restaurants.   Please let us have your Christmas lunch menus:   We will upload them on our events page.   (Christmas Lunch is, after all, an event).


Remember to have a look at our Classifieds page on the website.   An interesting new building block now manufactured in Clarens has just been listed.   You may also need to order your Christmas cake……..

Final Thought: Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was celebrated in the USA yesterday.    Speaking personally, I give thanks everyday that I am lucky enough to live in Clarens.

18th July 2013, Life in a Landscape

18th July, 2013: Life in a Landscape

Richard Rennie Landscape

Don’t you just love these beautiful winter days? And nature’s winter palette? Gold with undertones of red; every possible hue of grey, those touches of olive……no wonder so many artists are attracted to Clarens. This week we stopped for a chat with Richard Rennie. “Just look out of my studio window…. everywhere you look there’s a picture.”  Some of you may have noticed the changes at the Richard Rennie Gallery, which has been taken over by Johan and Anel Lehman – a move which has allowed Richard to get back to doing what he loves most.  The gallery remains an outlet for Richard’s work, and now also stocks not only originals but also a range limited edition Richard Rennie prints.  The interior has been revamped – and Richard had some fun painting the huge painting which hangs outside – where a window used to be.  Richard (who claims to be 196) now spends most of his day working in his sunny studio, but still has time to encourage aspiring artists.  Rather than teach, Richard prefers to invite other artists to “Paint with Me.”   Read more


The four ladies on the Verone Wyers fund-raising walk arrived in Clarens on 16th July.  Shelley, Marina, Liezel and Hettie are walking (Fouriesburg, Clarens, Bethlehem, Reitz and back to Bethlehem) in order to raise funds and awareness for Verone Wyers,
Verone  was diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML) in March this year –  a rare type of childhood leukaemia which can only be treated with a bone marrow transplant. 

Happy Birthday

Community News

CTF Feedback on Christmas in July

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Christmas in July event last weekend. Not only was it fun, but many of our local charities have benefited. Chris Perfanis (Clarens Tourism Forum Communications) reports that The Thusanang Care Group for Orphaned and Vulnerable children received over R1000 in cash from visitors and businesses when they went busking on Saturday. The N3 Toll Concession donated R20 000 to the CTF for expenses and recipients………….read more

CPF Letter of Thanks

The Sector Police Forum would like thank the listed contributors to the appeal for donations to assist the family of Rampai.
A total of R5300 was raised.


Weekend Weather


LamborhiniI’m sure that there is going to be lots of drooling in Clarens this weekend. A group from Super Car Lifestyle are staying in Clarens from 18-21 July, and will be driving up to Afriski on 18th July. I’m told that Saturday afternoon will be particularly good for car spotting outside the Brewery. (The parking area outside is also a good look-out point.)  Look out for the Lamboughini muchiago 40th edition. Only 50 of these cars were ever released.  This limited edition car even has its own unique colour (Jade-Green). Considering that there are so few of these cars it’s not surprising that only one of them has made it to South Africa – and it’s going to be in Clarens, this weekend.


Amongst the other super cars (19 in all) you will also spot the latest Ferrari 458.

Live Music
Friday 19th July
Artichoke:  5.30 – 8.30 pm:  Deon the Soutie from Toti
Friends: 9.00 pm onwatds: Sweaty Betty

Satuday 20 July
Artichoke:  13.00 – 3.00 pm: Deon the Soutie from Toti
Friends: 9.00 pm onwatds: Slipstream


Rugby, Rugby, Rugby!
Guess where everyone is going to be on Sunday morning?
Vodacom Fixtures:
20 July, 2013:  09h35:  Crusaders v Reds
21 July, 2013:  08h10:  Brumbies v CheetahsBethlehem Kine
To see what’s showing at the Bethlehem Kine this week  Press HereMid-week Wining and Dining
22 July, 2013 MANNIC Monday @ THE PHATT CHEF  Simon is serving Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Peanut Sauce and roast potatoes as the main course.  RSVP 082 4693832/058 2561742
24 July, 2013 WEDNESDAY WINTER WARMER at 278 ON MAIN. Beef pie, gravy and chips.  Phone Sue: 082 5565208
COMING EVENTSThe CTF/N3 Gateway: Workshop: 
31 July 2013 (Time and place to be advised)  How to use Twitter.  Learn how to use Twitter to build your business’s reach.

Potjiekos competition
10th August 2013  
It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is invited to this good natured cook-off in aid of the Cluny Animal Trust.  Contact Jan Sander: jansander22@gmail.com (before 2nd August.)





The Clarens MacNollie Challenge 
12 October 2013
Based on the famous Royal MacNab challenge the Clarens Macnollie is aimed to stay true to the spirit of the original – but with an interesting ‘green’ twist  Participants will compete against each other as corporate teams in three disciplines i.e. hunting a Reedbuck will be replaced by shooting an Impala target on a shooting range (best grouping), the Trout fish will be replaced by a Bass (catch and release) and the shooting of  Grey-wing Francolin will be replaced by shooting clay pigeons (electronic laser system). All three disciplines still to be completed in 12 hours. The event being a prestigious one, only corporate team winners and second place winners will be eligible for the Clarens Macnollie Trophy and Macnollie Shield respectively. Our main sponsor NISSAN Betlehem, NISSAN Welkom and UD Truck Division Welkom challenges you to the Macnollie. Click here for the NISSAN challenge invitation. For any inquiries contact Johann Lehman on 083 447 9925 or email spf@macnollie.co.za  or visit their website: www.macnollie.co.za.  All funds rasied will go to the SPF.(Sector Police Forum)

Afriski – Lesotho
Until mid-September

This is the time of year to go skiing: Phone Dean of Maluti Footprints: 072 133 9615/082 921 3894 to arrange a trip in the Maluti Footprints bus (which is equipped with snow chains, a satellite phone and all the necessities (including back-up) to ensure you get there and back safely.   Should you wish to drive there yourself please be advised that the Lesotho Traffic Department requires that each vehicle has two triangles and one fire extinguisher. You are also advised to check the road conditions before you go:  ice covered roads can be hazardous.
Remember to bring your passport.