Spring Art Festival 2013

Readers will remember the call by the Clarens News to visit their local galleries and celebrate the first of many Spring Art Fairs to come.  This year’s inaugural Fair is of course still on and runs through Sunday 8 September.  Posters are up everywhere and brochures are available by the hundred, so there is no good reason for locals (and visitors) not to invest their children’s inheritance in fine artwork.  A reference map is also available to guide buyers and art aficionados around the town’s Art Route.

Johan Smith

Ten members of the Clarens Galleries Association are participating in this first Spring Art Fair and have opened their galleries to admiring crowds.  Johan Smith’s gallery (No.9 on the Art Route) features his own oil paintings, as well as hand-made glass by David Reade and paintings by guest-artist Este Mostert, who will be painting in the gallery for the duration of the Fair.

The Enslin Vorster Gallery (No.2 on the Art Route) will feature an exhibition of Enslin’s miniature paintings and sketches; Merle Vorster will exhibit smoke-fired ceramics and the guest artist in residence will be Raymond Andrews.

Peter Bonney 1

Peter Bonney (No.10 on the Art Route) presents an exhibition of recent paintings and guest artist Sarah Northcote will be working in the gallery, together with flamework artistPeter Lampshed, who will demonstrate his flamework sculpture.

The Helen Claassen Gallery (No.8 on the Art Route) exhibits her acrylic work and Helen will be available to share ideas and do demonstrations.

The Blou Donki Gallery (No.5 on the Art Route) will exhibit the work of many well-known artists, and paintings, photography, glass and bronze works will be on show; Anton Gericke will be the guest artist in residence.

rhino web (2)

Peter Badcock-Walters is exhibiting nearly 100 illustrations from the Illustrated Bosman, as well as his southern Africa militaria drawings (Faces of War and Images of War) and wild life paintings, in the Sheepshed Gallery (No.7 on the Art Route); he will be available to talk about his work over a glass of sherry.




Tina de Beer (No.14 on the Art Route) is presenting an exhibition entitled ‘Visions and Reality’ in her Gallery, where visitors will be welcome to watch Tina paint and discuss her work in pen and ink and acrylics.


Artist Loezytha will present ‘Pege’s Art’ (No.12 on the Art Route) and give demonstrations over the period of the Fair; she will do portraits live in her studio from photographs and the theme of exhibition will be ‘Hope’.

Carla van den Berg will be hosted at The Gallery (No.13 on the Art Route) and she will exhibit her popular and whimsical work in pen and ink and acrylics.

The Clarens Art Guild will be exhibiting group work in the Protea Hotel (No.6 on the Art Route) and paintings by 16 local artists will be on display, in various media and styles, catering for a wide range of tastes.

Apart from this, several more artists and galleries in Clarens will support the Art Fair with exhibitions, demonstrations and talks.  Amongst these are Richard Rennie (No.15 on the Art Route), Simon Addy and Lyn Hoyle (No.1 on the Art Route), Artefunto (No.4 on the Art Route), Robert Badenhorst (No.11 on the Art Route) and the Wine & Art Gallery.  So whether you are an admirer of the creative process, an aspirant art buyer or simply someone in need of a glass of wine and conversation, Clarens is the place for you this week.

In fact, it’s the place for you, every week!