14 January it is. Just before 9am a number of cars queued outside Margaret’s residence. A number of mature men and one lady, Pat Wagner made their way into the yard, straight to the sitting room. As a social player, the coordinator of Phaphama Youth Development, I found myself in the meeting, where almost everyone else qualifies to be my parent. What is this all about? Solving the issues that affect Clarenites is what the hearts of these mature men and women beat for, I can testify. For about an hour and a half the ten of us deliberated on ways of solving social issues, both ongoing and future plans.

Social Concerns is a wheel inside the Combined Churches In Action (CCIA) wheel. CCIA is an umbrella organisation that focuses on helping the needy holistically. Social Concerns is the arm that deals with issues that affect families and individuals, coming up with solutions that help individuals become self-sustaining. It works hand in hand with the Social Workers from the Department of Social Development and the South African Police Service. A Social Auxilliary Worker has also been appointed and she will be starting work on 1 February 2016. She will be based at Tsepong.

Social Concerns has in the past helped children with parents from Lesotho gain access to South African schools. It has also helped people who need counselling, helping them find meaning in life. In every situation where this arm gets involved, the aim is to leave a situation completely solved.

For some time now Social Concerns has been pushing to have a Safe Haven established, and relenting is not being put as an option. A Safe Haven, once established will be a place where people in danger of emotional damage or with no place to stay can be housed temporarily, while working out a permanent solution to the challenge.

Any challenge can be harnessed, when like minded people of great capacity bring their efforts together. This is the platform that Social Concerns has created. You can play a part in this. We can put our resources and knowledge together to improve the sanity level in our community.

To be part of the solution, visit Tshepong in Kgubetswana during office hours.

Onward 2Posted by Onward Mvurume

January 2016