Keep Your Eyes on the Skies : Hybrid Eclipse of the Sun on November 3 2013

The wonders of our universe can be experienced this Sunday with a final and rare hybrid eclipse of the Sun. This is a rather unusual eclipse due to its movement from annular (the edge of the sun is still visible around the moon) to total ,and many across the world wait in eager anticipation for the show in the skies.

To understand how rare this eclipse is, one need only take a look at the history of hybrid solar eclipses.

Over a span of 5000 years 11 898 solar eclipses have been listed in Fred Espenak’s Five Millenium Catalog of Solar Eclipses, and of that a mere 569 or 4,8% were hybrids.

The track of the eclipse starts in the Atlantic, about 875km Southwest of Bermuda, from where it will move southeastward passing Cape Verde parallel to the African coastline. Liberia seems to be the lucky winner, as the greatest eclipse of 100 seconds will fall just 402km off the coast.

The eclipse will then sweep across Africa, covering Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya before reaching its grand finale at the Ethiopia-Somalia border.  We will not be able to see the eclipse from Clarens – but perhaps we’ll notice a difference in the light.


GenevieveArticle by Genevieve Blignaut

Clarens News October 2013