Basuto Cultural Village


“Kgotso” we greet you in peace

The Basotho Cultural Village is a living museum situated east of the magnificent Golden Gate National Park. The village will give visitors a unique insight into the ways and lifestyle of the traditional Basotho people.Traditional homesteads of the 1700’s have been reconstructed on sight and resident tour guides will explain the significance and use of daily household implements as well as the importance and symbolism of traditional clothing. Furthermore the making of basket ware and crushing of maize will be explained whilst one can enjoy traditional dances on display.   Contact: 058 721 0300

Basotho Cultural Village Tour

After receiving permission from the Chief to enter his village, you will be offered a sip of Sotho beer as a token of hospitality and even a game of Maraba-raba can be enjoyed. At the houses of the first and second wives beautiful and colourful utensils are explained and from there one can even receive a sneek preview of the future at the Chief’s Ngaka (bone thrower).

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Matlakeng Herbal Trail

The herb trail is only open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, during the Spring and Summer months, and must be booked 2 days in advance.  The trail starts at The Basotho Cultural Village.  A social ecologist and ngaka (traditional healer) escorts groups on a scenic 2 hour trail, all the while locating an array of grasses, roots, herbs, leaves and bark and explaining how these are prepared and used to cure ailments from toothache to sexually transmitted diseases, as well as their ritual uses in Basotho Culture.  Hikers can also expect to  see wild-life, as well as some well-kept rock art. Contact: 058 721 0300