Scotch Whisky Lounge Opens


Spending time in the  Scotch Whisky Lounge is fascinating.
So many bottles, so many shapes, so many subtle hues of colour, so many different origins, so many different types, interesting labels, interesting stories….and that’s all before you’ve even had a taste!   Spending time with Colleen McLaughlin in the Whiskey Lounge is a real treat – even for a non whiskey drinker like myself.  (Or perhaps I should amend that last statement –  having now had the opportunity to learn a little bit about whisky, and got the amazing variety of perfumes that escape as you open the top – I know that somewhere in Colleen’s amazing whisky collection, there is a whisky that would suit my particular taste buds perfectly.
The range of whisky on sale is based on Colleen’s personal whisky collection and is made up of mainly single malt Scotch whisky, along with Irish whiskey, and American Bourbon, but also includes Japanese and Taiwanese whisky.   (Incidentally the Japanese recently won an international award for the best single malt whisky in the world.)   Also in the collection is Bains Cape Mountain whisky – a South African whisky voted the world’s best grain whisky in 2013.Every Whisky reflects the character of the region where it was produced – mainly because of the unique character and taste of the regional water.   Colleen has tried to ensure that the collection represents all the different regions in Scotland.   So far there are 129 different whiskies at The Scotch Whisky Lounge, but Colleen points out that collecting whisky is an on-going process, so the collection will keep on growing.

Of course – it’s all about taste, and here Colleen has sourced the most amazing delights to stimulate the taste beds and bring out the flavor of the whisky.   McKinleys chocolates have made chocolates specially for the Scotch Whisky Lounge – and as you would expect each dainty morsel is not only made from the very best chocolate and beautifully decorated.    Savoury treats will also soon be on offer – each one carefully selected to compliment the whisky.

The Scotch Whisky Lounge is the antithesis of a ‘spit and sawdust’ bar.   The décor has been carefully put together to create a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.   A place where people can just be chilled.  And,  for the non whisky drinkers there is champagne and sparkling wine.

Opening hours:  Weekends and holidays:  11am till closing
Mid-week:  2pm till closing.