Richard Rennie






Don’t you just love these beautiful winter days? And nature’s winter palette? Gold with undertones of red; every possible hue of grey, those touches of olive……no wonder so many artists are attracted to Clarens. This week we stopped for a chat with Richard Rennie. “Just look out of my studio window…. everywhere you look there’s a picture.”  Some of you may have noticed the changes at the Richard Rennie Gallery, which has been taken over by Johan and Anel Lehman – a move which has allowed Richard to get back to doing what he loves most.  The gallery remains an outlet for Richard’s work, and now also stocks not only originals but also a range limited edition Richard Rennie prints.  The interior has been revamped – and Richard had some fun painting the huge painting which hangs outside – where a window used to be.  Richard (who claims to be 196) now spends most of his day working in his sunny studio, but still has time to encourage aspiring artists.  Rather than teach, Richard prefers to invite other artists to “Paint with Me.”