It is widely accepted that recycling is something which deserves our total support.  Like all responsible citizens we as the Social Concerns Working Group of Combined Churches in Action (CCIA) would like to affirm the well-known call to REDUCE, RE-USE AND RECYCLE.

Evon Els, who runs and manages the Clarens recycling plant, is doing a remarkable job, everywhere collecting material which can be recylced, and encouraging all the residents of Clarens/Kgubetswana/Kanana/Phahameng to collect bottles and plastic.  In this way our town is cleaned up and job opportunities are created at the plant.   She is even willing to collect recyclable material on request.

We would like to assist in asking all our householder and businesses to separate the plastic, glass, tin, paper and boxes from the rest of their rubbish and put it out for collection in transparent green (or other coloured) plastic bags… on the same day as you do the black bags for refuse removal.   The municpality has agreed not to pick up these coloured bags, but to leave them for removal by her.   (You are in any case more than welcome to take your green bags down to the recycling centre yourself.)  THIS ARRANGEMENT STARTS AT THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST 2014.

These green bags are more or less the same price as the black bags, can be bought at your usual shop, but will also be available for sale at the recycling centre and following businesses:  Clarens Village Grocer, Clarens Trading Post, Horeb Butchery, and Old Stone Bottle Store.

Please support this wonderful process, and if you are a guest house owner encourage your guests to cooperate.

For further information contact Evon at 073-708-7832 or Dons at 082-859-1505.

Richard Koch, Chairman