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Helping the environment can always start in the comfort of your own home.

Many of us may not even give recycling a second thought, as it didn’t play a significant part in our upbringing, however the numerous benefits of the act should be enough to get all very exited over our never-ending refuse.

The Clarens Recycling Centre  has been running for three years and continues to grow in strength day by day. Evon Els talks excitedly about the increase in recycling material that is collected on a weekly basis, and states that more and more  people are becoming involved.involved.  Many of us have driven past the recycling trailer, next to Clementine’s restaurant opposite Mosiac Pizza, without giving it a second thought, but Evon states that the recycling material collected from the trailer has trippled in weight since August 2013 and various shops and business in town have also come on board.

Garbage can become quite interesting when sorted into plastics, returnable bottles, cardboard boxes, tins, cans, paper and glass, and even more so when breaking glass according to colour and sorting plastics according to type. All-and-all recycling requires and incredible amount of hard and dedicated work.

We can all help Evon and her team reach their target of 700kg’s of cardboard boxes and 6 ton’s glass bottles: all you have to do is to fill a separate black bag with all your recyclable plastics, glass, paper,  tins and cans and either load it on the recycling trailer on your way to buy milk, or quickly drop it off at the depot before your game of golf.

Happy Recycling everyone!

For more information contact Evon Els 076 293 2742

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Clarens News November 2013



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