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Having been involved in political activism, social activism and evangelism, I can safely and simply say, “human beings act from preconceived perspectives!” In politics, many party cadres become dogmatic at some point and will not be able to accept any other ideology. In evangelism you also meet people who have beliefs that they are not willing to give up, only because ‘they have been passed to them by the elders’. As we work to develop Clarens greater work needs to be done to develop mental faculties, if not to replace some corrupt files.

We are coming from a point where black and white are not only races, but they are messages written in block letters. Some blacks see a white person as someone who looks down upon the black race. They see an oppressor, an enemy to black development and empowerment. On the other side, some whites see a black person as an incapacitated member of the community, no matter how qualified and experienced they may be. They see a spoilt folk suffering from an entitlement syndrome. If it is in business there is rarely uniformity in what a different race expects to pay or to be paid for services rendered. What is wrong in our society? How can we correct it? How can a fair playground be constructed?

We are striving to distribute news, telling it as it is. Mental structures that need renovation are supplied with the right tools, manpower and materials. Not all work requires the same tool kit and manpower. You cannot use a wheelbarrow to cut a tree branch. I am not going to call everything that barks a dog here; very often we find sheep and cattle grazing together. Weeds also want to grow where good seeds have been sown. Not everything that is done in this community, by different races is wrong. There are men and women who are doing great works across the colour boundaries. I can mention some members of our community without reservations from my short experience in Clarens. People like Ollie, the guy who runs Clarens Xtreme has managed to excel in this vein. Mawela Mashinini who runs Fair Brothers Security among other businesses is also a figure that cannot be ignored. Gareth, the pastor of Dihlabeng Christian Church is another exemplary figure.

With tourists coming to our town daily and major world-class events finding Clarens to be ‘the place’, we have a lot to do as a combined force. Our difference in colour should not be a threat to our coexistence but an opportunity for us to serve our market well. Differences can be positively viewed as diversity, which is a precious component of any ecosystem. Let us not create a dog-eat-dog community. Business competition should be sanitized, merit overpowering colour. No activity or event should go unnoticed. Turning a blind eye to what is happening to our nose will only produce a disjointed, sickly community.

I want to encourage you to keep your eye on our events page and get to know what is happening around you. Normally giant opportunities do not use a speaker to announce themselves. The gold is in the dirt, great deals are hidden in the small font. Clarens is the place, great opportunities are around us. Let us work in unison to produce and offer the best to our clients.

The picture below is an extract from the prayer for Matriculants that was held at NG Kerk on 23 October 2015.

OnwardArticle by Onward Blessing Mvurume