cluny potjiekos competition

Photograph: Clarens News archive

The Potjiekos Competition in Clarens on Saturday, an annual fundraiser for Cluny Animal Trust, was a greater success than ever.  This year they were joined by Old Stone Bottle Store’s Spring Wine Festival, and the Waentjie catered to an alternative taste in fare.  Live music was provided by Van Smith and by Denzel & Hensi.  A marquee gave welcome shade to the many locals and visitors who gathered around the bench-tables to taste the potjiekos, listen to the music and enjoy the variety of wines on offer.

The cooking started during the early part of the morning, and there were no less than 12 competing teams.  The weather was most obliging and the event drew a large number of people.  During the cooking stage two preliminary competitions were held, one testing the intellect and the other testing physical skill.  The quiz, all about animals, was won by Team Ulwazi, a group from Kgubetswana, and the ball throwing competition was won by Team Ash River Lodge of Clarens.

At lunch time the tasting started.  The variety of mouth-watering flavours from the potjies, the lively tunes from the bandstand, and the selection of liquid refreshments on sale made for a heady and festive atmosphere.  While latecomers picked at the scrapings at the bottom of the pots, the winners of the cooking competition were announced.

Team Ulwazi impressively took the third prize, Team Latte unsurprisingly beat 10 teams to walk away with the second prize, and the hugely popular Team McLeod stormed in at the number one spot.  And so the winning streak of Protea Clarens was broken!  Well done to the winner and the two runners-up!  And to all the other teams for their fantastic food!

The venue for this year’s event was ideal, the space having been offered by Clarens Interiors in generous community spirit.  The combining of the Wine Festival with the Potjie Competition clearly had mutual benefits and provided a great outing for locals and visitors alike – with a feast of good music to boot.